Back to School Clothes for Girls

Back to School Clothes for Girls

It’s no surprise that most kiddos look forward to summer break all year. With the prospect of making new friends at summer camp, family beach days or vacations on the agenda, and ample time to play out in the sun, summertime can be a downright magical experience for kids. As the excitement of summer starts to wind down, though, some kiddos might have mixed feelings about returning to school. And while you can’t necessarily make summer last forever for them, you can help them feel ready (and likely even excited!) for the new school year with some special back-to-school clothes.

Back-to-school shopping is a great way to help your kiddo get ready for the school year ahead and will also likely be necessary after a summer growth spurt. Or perhaps her style shifted over the break, and you want to help to nurture that budding fashionista energy. Shopping for back-to-school clothes is just as important as checking off her classroom supply list, so read on for some back-to-school must-haves she’ll be excited to wear all year long.

Be Sure to Double-Check Her School’s Dress Code

Before you dive headfirst into back-to-school shopping, make sure to double-check online resources regarding her school’s dress code. While this might seem obvious if she’s starting at a new school or if there have been any major administrative changes at her current school over the summer, it’s always best to brush up regardless. Schools might decide to make minor changes to their dress codes as the years go on, or in some cases, might even go the route of a mandatory school uniforms, even if that wasn’t the case in previous years.

If her school does have a strict uniform, definitely make sure she has a few fresh school uniforms for girls, with tops and bottoms that fit just right after the summer. And, if the dress code has changed at all, just be sure to keep this in mind as you pick out clothes for her, as you might need to replace some outdated items before she gets back in the swing of the new term.

A Few School-Friendly Dresses

Dresses for girls can make getting ready for school a total breeze, which is why they’re at the top of this list. Rather than coordinating tops and bottoms, she can just pull one of these on in the morning and head off to school. We think it’s best for her to have a few options in her rotation for the different seasons, so maybe pick out a few longer styles with long sleeves for the colder months, plus some more summery styles for warmer days.

School-friendly dresses are also super versatile. She can rock them as-is, layer them under a girls' sweater or fleece, and wear them with or without leggings or tights. Dresses also look as cute with sneakers as they do with loafers or boots, so she’ll definitely get a ton of use out of these all school year long.

Several Polo Shirts

Whether or not these are a part of her dress code or uniform, girls' polo shirts are essential for her back-to-school wardrobe. Polo shirts are a slightly nicer take on the standard tee, making them perfect for a school setting.

Polos look great as-is or layered under a, and she can wear hers with a skirt, pants, or jeans or girls' jeggings. You can pick out polo shirts in various styles—like short sleeve or long sleeve—and different classic hues like navy, red, and white. With several polo shirts to choose from, she’ll be able to coordinate a ton of different school-ready outfits no matter the season.

A Couple of Nice Cardigan Sweaters

Sweaters are an absolute must-have on any back-to-school shopping list. From layering over a polo or a dress to rocking with jeans or leggings, sweaters are essential for keeping her comfy and stylish during the school year. And when it comes to must-have sweaters for her back-to-school list, a few nice new girls' cardigans are at the very top of our list.

Cardigans are polished, comfy, practical, and oh-so-versatile. Go for a classic crewneck cut with a button-front design, plus a longer open-front style that she’ll love to wear with leggings and a polo or layered over a dress. To keep her covered for each season, opt for a breezy lightweight option, plus a cozier, warmer option for the chillier months. She’ll love having these on (or on-hand!) in a classroom setting, just as we know to bring a cardigan along whenever we head into the office.

No matter how fun her summer break has been, a back-to-school shopping trip is a surefire way to get her excited for the new year. With essentials like some fun school-friendly dresses, a couple of practical polo shirts, and a few polished yet practical cardigans in her rotation, she’ll be ready to learn and play all school year long in comfort and style.


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