Back to School Clothes for Boys

Back to School Clothes for Boys

After a summer chock full of family BBQs, hanging with his pals at summer camp, and lake or beach adventures, heading back to school might not be front of mind for your kiddo. If you think back, though, most of us were actually excited to go back to school as kids—even if we weren’t always quick to admit this. And one thing that can help to get any kid excited about going back to school is back-to-school shopping. Picking out a new set of colored pencils for art class or choosing the design (dinosaurs, soccer balls, or a galaxy print? Decisions, decisions!) for his new backpack are some of the ways to help him adjust to a new school year with ease. And while picking out tops and pants might not be quite as exciting as shopping for new art supplies or a fun new backpack, picking out the right back-to-school clothes will help him feel prepared for the year ahead.

Whether you’re shopping with him or for him (or a mix of both!), clothes for the new school year can help him feel ready to get back to the classroom. Read on for some useful tips for back-to-school clothes shopping for boys, plus a few essential items he’ll definitely want in his closet this year.

Check His School’s Dress Code

We’re sure that you already know this, but we think that it’s an important call-out, nonetheless. Before you start shopping for his back-to-school clothes, be sure to brush up on his school’s dress code. While some schools will have fairly strict school uniforms for boys that he’ll need to shop for accordingly, schools without dress codes will still almost always have guidelines for what kiddos should and shouldn’t be wearing to school.

This will also be the best way to glean info about specific requirements he’ll need for each class, from certain required supplies to the gym class guidelines. And whether or not your kiddo’s school has uniforms or a slightly looser dress code to follow, you’ll still want to be sure that you’re opting for the right outfits that’ll keep him comfortable from class to recess throughout the school year.

A Nice Pair of Jeans

If your kids’ school allows for denim, then a pair of fresh, well-fitting, and rip-free boys' jeans are a great addition to his back-to-school haul. While he likely already has some jeans that he likes to rock on the weekends, having some designated school jeans can be the perfect bottoms for tons of outfits throughout the academic year.

He'll feel oh-so-cool in a pair of dark blue straight-leg jeans paired with a graphic tee or a polo and his favorite kicks. Make sure you also pick a comfy, flexible pair that’ll move with him throughout the day, so he can focus on the more important things—like playing at recess, of course—without being distracted by discomfort.

A Pair of Fuss-Free Dressy Chinos

Next up on our list is a pair of boys' chinos . Chinos are a must-have option for the school year, both for schools with dress codes and schools with those with even stricter uniform requirements. Chinos are the perfect dress pant option for kiddos because they’re dressy but as comfortable as his favorite weekend pants.

Go for a pair of easy-care chinos that are wrinkle-resistant and stain-resistant to fit his school-day lifestyle and ensure he has them in classic shades like navy and khaki. You can also add extra comfort points by opting for a pull-on style with a flexible elastic waist.

A Fleece Zip-Up

Depending on where you live, you’ll likely already have a good idea of the outerwear he’ll need throughout the year. No matter where you live, though, having an easy, comfy outerwear option like a boys' fleece jacket is a must for his back-to-school haul.

You can go with mid-weight or lightweight fleece based on the climate where you live and stick with a polished-looking solid hue that’ll work with any school dress code. This is the perfect layer for zipping up over a boys' polo shirt or a T-shirt as a top layer, or for layering under a more heavy-duty coat if you live somewhere with serious winters. A zip-up fleece layer also works great as some added comfort and warmth under a rain shell.

A Few Graphic T-Shirts

While he’ll definitely want a few solid color tees and polo shirts in his rotation for the school year, including a couple of boys' graphic tees can make back-to-school shopping a little extra fun for him.

Of course, double-check that these types of T-shirts are a-okay with the school, and then let him pick a few prints that speak to his personality. A long-sleeve graphic tee with a dinosaur print or a short-sleeve tee with a Saturn image, or a multi-color headphone design are just a few of the fun options that’ll help him express his personality as he navigates the new school year.

With these back-to-school must-haves in his closet this year, he’ll be set to head out the door in confidence, style, and comfort each morning. We hope he has the best school year yet!


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