7 Back to School Closet Essentials Every Kid Needs

7 Back to School Closet Essentials Every Kid Needs

It’s never too early—or too late—to start thinking of upgrading your kids’ closets with essentials for back to school. Whether it’s in the middle of summer or there are two weeks left before school starts, updating your kids’ wardrobe with new stylish apparel and accessories is a must.

Before school officially starts, remember to stock your kids’ closets with the following items so they will feel confident enough to take on the year.

1. Stylish Tops

Remember to upgrade your kids’ closets with stylish tops they can wear all year long. Of course, which tops you choose depends on the dress code; for example, in some school settings, they might be able to wear polo shirts, blouses, and dress shirts but not graphic T-shirts. No matter what, make sure you choose tops that let them show off their personality. Look for tops with eye-catching designs, such as stripes, flowers, hearts, palm trees, or color blocking. Graphics kids’ T-shirts with bold designs from Marvel characters to an allover logo pattern will let them stand out from the crowd.

2. School-Appropriate Bottoms

A back-to-school closet isn’t complete without at least a few bottoms your kids can wear in rotation. For more casual environments, pick out long-lasting jeans they can wear throughout the school year from skinny kids’ jeans to bootcut jeans. If the school dress code is more formal, choose comfortable khaki or navy pants or skirts they can wear all day long.

3. A Chic Dress

Dresses make styling so easy for girls — they can just put one on and head out! Make sure the length is appropriate for the school dress code and choose a style—sheath, flared, midi, or maxi are some of the many options. Stick to neutral hues that’ll match with most of her other apparel and accessories, or pick out an eye-catching design to make her school days that much more stylish.

4. A Cozy Layer

Don't forget to add a few cozy layers to their closets for when the cooler weather arrives. Lighter layers such as sweatshirts, denim jackets, fleece pullovers, and hoodies are ideal for chilly classrooms. Once the weather takes a plunge, down or down alternative puffer jackets, parkas, pea coats, and trench kids’ coats offer even more warmth. Look for features that’ll provide comfort and practicality, such as fleece lining, a hood, and pockets. Finally, a rain jacket in a bright color is the perfect accessory for rainy days.

5. Comfortable Shoes

Your kids need comfortable shoes for those long days at school. Sneakers are an easy choice, and there's plenty of brands and styles your kids love. Look for sneakers with features that will offer even more comfort, such as interior cushioning. If the dress code calls for it, you may need to shop for loafers or dress shoes. For fall and winter, pick out chic booties and boots that will keep their feet warm and supported. For the warmer seasons, sandals will let their feet breathe.

6. Go-To Accessories

Stock up that accessories drawer with plenty of pairs of socks. We all know how easy it is to lose socks in the laundry, so back-to-school season requires fresh pairs to match their footwear. Similarly, they may appreciate new underwear, bras, and tank tops, not to mention winter accessories, like gloves, mittens, scarves, and cozy hats. Nothing ties together an outfit like a stylish belt featuring leather, metal, grommets, or even sparkles. Finally, pick out a few key accessories—anything from fun earrings to chunky bracelets to cool sunglasses—that’ll really let their personality and style shine.

7. A Sturdy Backpack

Finally, a kids’ school-ready closet isn’t complete without a new backpack to store all their books, notebooks, pens, pencils, and everything else they need to use in the classroom. The most useful backpacks have multiple pockets and compartments, such as tech and water bottle pockets, an interior padded laptop sleeve, and other spots that will make organizing their things effortless. Choose a backpack made of high-quality material, such as canvas, leather, or nylon. Aside from function, backpacks are another way for kids to show off their personalities. If they like to keep things low-key, go for neutral backpacks in colors such as black or gray. If they really love to show off standout style, go ahead and choose backpacks with a fun print or a colorful pattern.

The first days back to school can bring plenty of jitters. Set your kids up for a successful start to the new academic year by stocking their closets with essentials that will make their school days stylish.

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