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Outfits for Your Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

It’s a wardrobe faux pas no one ever wants to face: the old “what to wear” dilemma the day before your bachelor or bachelorette party. This isn’t your wedding, but it’s definitely destined to be an occasion to remember—which is why you should put some extra energy into planning an outfit that’s not only stylish, chic, and destined to look great in pictures but also one that is comfortable enough to see you through the entire thing without a hitch.

That’s easier said than done if you’re starting from scratch and genuinely have no idea what you might want to wear. The good news is that it’s easy enough to choose an outfit based on a variety of factors. Whether you’re the bride, the groom, or a guest—you’ve got dozens of options to consider. From special occasion dresses to crisp men’s dress shirts, there’s an outfit any bachelor or bachelorette party that will help you feel comfortable, confident, and amazing from start to finish. Here are some ideas.

Bachelor Party

What you wear to your bachelor party depends largely on the setting. Your pre-wedding excitement begins right here, after all, and it’s an occasion that can be as casual as a night out for drinks at your favorite bar or by a game at the local ballpark. On the other hand, it could also be as swanky and top-button as dinner at the most posh five-star restaurant in town or a weekend getaway to the casino hotel you all love to frequent whenever time allows.

While it’s true that “casual” generally denotes something ultra-relaxed, like lightweight men’s cotton tops and jeans, you also don’t want to risk appearing too underdressed—even if you do happen to be the guest of honor. All the more reason to look your very best, right? In something that’s a little more refined, you’ll feel fantastic. Try a pair of khaki pants in lieu of jeans, and throw on a simple sweater or a button-front top that’s less crisp and more laid-back. Of course, if everyone says tees and jeans go, then definitely follow suit!

If it’s destined to be more of a high-end affair, that’s where you’ll have some time to truly shine. Your outfit should reflect your environment—and keep in mind that most fancier establishments have pretty strict dress codes, too. Some cases may call for something casually dressy, like a sports coat paired with matching pants and a dress shirt. It’s your call, but you might feel more comfortable undoing a couple of buttons and skipping the tie. Step into a pair of timeless leather shoes, and you can be confident you’ll look your best.

Bachelorette Party

Make it a night to remember! When you’re headed out to make memories, the last thing you want to think about is how uncomfortable your clothes feel. Skip anything that doesn’t fit you like a dream and help you feel your very best. For this occasion, a fit and flare dress is such a fun choice. The style is dressy, but it can also be cute and playful, thanks to the slightly youthful silhouette. Plus, this style is flattering to virtually all body types. You can even throw a light cardigan on top if it’s chilly out, and it will look perfect.

If it’s cold outside or you simply prefer not to wear a dress, you can never go wrong with a pair of women’s dress pants. Polished and refined, these bottoms are far more versatile than you might expect. Wear them to the office, sure, but you can also wear them to your bachelorette party with a silky blouse and a pair of strappy heels. Try a pair with wide legs and pair it with a fitted top for a balanced look from top to bottom.

You can wear a knee-length skirt in a variety of ways, making it the right choice for occasions that are both casual and dressy. Try it with a simple tee and a pair of slides when you want to take an understated approach but don’t necessarily want to wear jeans and a T-shirt. Dress it up with a statement necklace or two for a look that’s a little more pulled together.

If you’re dressing up for your bachelorette party, pair your skirt with something more polished on top—a sequined top, for example, or a glam metallic blouse. You can even wear a simple T-shirt, then dress up your look with a statement necklace or two, an armful of bangles, or a pair of drop earrings. Don’t forget the strappy heels or a pair of chic leather booties to match a cropped moto jacket when you prefer to take an edgy-meets-cool approach.

Virtually anything goes when it comes to getting ready for your bachelor or bachelorette party. It’s just a matter of planning your outfit around where you’re headed. Keep in mind that if you’re going on a trip, you can make it even more exciting by planning several different outfits for each day of the event.


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