4 Baby Shower Ideas for Families with Two Moms or Two Dads

4 Baby Shower Ideas for Families with Two Moms or Two Dads

It’s always an honor to throw a baby shower for expecting loved ones, whether you’re family or friends. If you happen to be hosting one for a same-sex couple, you may be concerned about etiquette. There’s no need to worry, though. For the most part, it’ll be just like any other baby shower. There are just a few special things to consider. The guest list will be longer, for one, and the games will also need to be more inclusive. Read on to discover what to take into account when celebrating with two moms or two dads. No matter where or when you throw it, these ideas will help ensure your shower is a resounding success.

Expand the Guest List

Traditional baby showers center on the mom-to-be, and the guest list is usually indicative of that. When it comes to hosting a baby shower for two moms or two dads, however, there’ll be far more people to consider. You’ll want to invite family members from each partner’s side as well as friends and any extended family. It’s a good idea to discuss the guest list with the couple beforehand. This will ensure everyone who is welcome is included. There may also be special circumstances to take into account. If the parents are conceiving via surrogate, for example, they may or may not want to invite the birth mother. Once you have the guest list sorted, it’s time to pick a date and send out the invitations! Be sure to include all the event details, an RSVP request, and what, if anything, guests should bring. Don’t be afraid to get creative and have fun with it!

Beef Up the Menu

Double the guest list means double the food! In lieu of traditional light bites, like tea sandwiches or crudité platters, go for something heartier to feed guests. You don’t have to serve a sit-down meal, but it should be substantial enough to satisfy everyone. Try a buffet with different dishes, or set up a taco bar. If the weather’s nice, you could set up the outdoor furniture and do a BBQ in the backyard. And don’t forget about the drinks! At the minimum, you should have wine and beer on offer. You can also have fun with cocktails and mocktails. Set up a bar for guests and design a special baby-themed drink for the shower. For dessert, you could do a traditional cupcake tower or go all out with a chocolate fountain. Trays of eats, like brownies or pastries, also work well for large groups of guests.

Plan Inclusive Games

Traditional baby shower games often revolve around the mom-to-be, such as measuring the baby bump. Skip these for more inclusive partner games that everyone can play. Parent trivia is one example. Come up with a list of questions for the couple beforehand and have them write down their answers on slips of papers. Collect the papers into an envelope or storage bin and stash them away for later. At the party, ask the guests the same questions and have them guess the answers. Read out the correct answers after every round and award points every time someone’s answer matches the couple’s. At the end of the game, the person with the most points wins. Music games are also fun and inclusive. You could play song association, for example. Set a timer and have guests write down as many songs as they can with the word “baby” in the title. After the time is up, whoever has the most songs wins the game. You could also play snippets of songs with the word “baby” in them and have guests guess the names.

Give Appropriate Gifts

When it comes to baby gifts, these are usually targeted toward the baby or the mom-to-be. Consider more inclusive gifts for your same-sex baby shower. Buy a beautifully designed journal or scrapbook, for example, and have guests write down their best advice for the parents-to-be. You could also purchase a few blank onesies and get friends and family to decorate them at the shower. Another great idea is to ask each guest to bring a storybook as a gift. Instead of the usual favorites, go for titles that center on LGBTQIA+ families. It’s important for the baby to see families that look like theirs as they grow up. Another fantastic gift for same-sex couples is a baby book. Most albums still use outdated prompts, like “How Mom and Dad Met.” Going out of your way to finding an inclusive one makes for a sweet and heartfelt gesture.

From expanding the guest list to giving appropriate gifts, these ideas will help you throw a great baby shower. Be open to sharing your own ideas with the couple, too. It's important to make sure the guests of honor feel comfortable with the arrangements. As long as you’re inclusive and respectful, everyone is sure to have a great time.


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