Awesome Husky Swimsuits for Boys

Awesome Husky Swimsuits for Boys

"My son is growing like a weed." Sound familiar? Purchasing clothes for a growing child can be a daunting task. Now is a good time to start thinking about swimwear like boys' husky swim trunks that keep you and your growing boy happy. Fortunately, there are various ways to determine the best swimwear styles and sizes that best fit your child. Check out our suggested tips, and get ready for fun in the sun at your nearest beach or pool.

But First, Let's Examine the Difference

Let’s chat about the difference between husky and regular sizes for boys. Essentially, husky sizes are for boys whose height and waist ratio are not average. You can determine a husky size by the label. Size 10H would mean the item—for example, boys' husky rash guards or a pair of swim trunks—is a husky version of a size 10. Husky and regular boy sizing were created to ensure that every boy is comfortable in his clothes no matter his size.

Measure Your Child

Before you start selecting swimwear with fun designs and colors, be sure you get accurate measurements for your little guy. Measure your child's waist using a standard measuring tape. To get accurate measurement numbers, use your tape to measure the area(s) where his swimming trunks tend to rest comfortably. For a larger fit, we suggest measuring directly around the hip bone. It's best always to use your little guy's measurements when purchasing swim trunks online or in-person. Even if the trunks are sized in small, medium, or large, you can call customer service or check the website for size conversion charts that use the waist measurement to tell you which size to order.

Select the Correct Fit

Determining the correct swimwear for your little guy requires a few factors. It's important to select the correct size to avoid too tight and uncomfortable chafing or irritation. With a growing boy, we suggest that you shop one size up to avoid tightness and deliver an optimal fit. Swimming trunks usually offer a tighter fit than a regular pair of casual jeans or shorts. If you're concerned about ensuring he has a secure fit, seek out swimming trunks with drawstrings for an adjustable fit.

How should a swimsuit fit? In general, you want your child's suit to feel secure but not constricted. If he spends most of his water time pulling and tugging on his trunks because the waistband is digging into his skin, it's probably a sign that the swim trunks are too small. On the other hand, if the waistband seems loose even after using the drawstring, he may need to go down a size.

Pick Comfortable Materials

When it comes to finding the perfect swim trunks, all the options can feel overwhelming. One detail that adds to the selection process is the type of material. both swim trunks and swimsuits are crafted from various materials such as nylon, spandex, and polyester. Each of these materials has its own strengths. Choosing the right swimsuit material for you and your needs will make a difference in swimsuit durability, comfort, as well as budget considerations.

Search for Fast-Drying and Sun-Protective Fabric

If your little guy is in the water for long periods, consider choosing swimwear that dries quickly. These trunks have moisture-wicking capabilities that aid in the prevention of unbearable chafing. If you opt for thicker fabrics like a cotton blend, the trunks may not dry as fast. Sunny, summer days are beautiful, but it's important to protect your little guy from harmful UV rays. When searching for the perfect swimwear options, be sure you select garments constructed with sun-protective fabric to shield your child's skin from the sun to avoid sunburn and peeling.

Select Colors and Designs That Match His Personality

When your little ones feel confident, there's nothing that can stop them. So, be sure to select options that reflect their style; however, when possible, try to avoid horizontal or thick strips. These types of designs can be unflattering. Instead, choose designs that create a less bulky appearance, like vertical stripes or solid colors. Whenever possible, have your child try them to see if the swimwear is true to size. A quick note: When trying on swim trunks, be sure to have on underwear that will not interfere with the trunks' true fit and feel on their body.

When the time comes to head to the beach or pool, make sure your little guy is ready in his swim shoes. And don't forget canvas tote bags so the whole family can confidently throw in their swim items.

If you choose the correct size and select patterns that complement your little guy's personality and body type, he can have an amazing time playing and swimming in the summer sun and water. Be sure to focus on quality materials, great fit, and additional features like elastic waistbands and drawstring capabilities.


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