Athletic Beach Outfits That Are Functional and Cute

Athletic Beach Outfits That Are Functional and Cute

Regardless of whether or not you are an athlete, we know that everyone loves wearing women's activewear clothing. These sporty, stretchy, and comfy outfits are just as fantastic for running errands and lounging as they are for the sweaty activities they were designed for.

But what about supportive, comfy activewear for the beach this summer? Luckily, we have that covered too. From seaside relaxing and lounging to heart-pumping surfing and swimming, we have the perfect sporty beach outfit for you.

Whether you are in the market for a modest one-piece with maximum coverage, a cute but functional bikini, or you simply want any practical piece that you can catch some waves in, you will find your best beachwear here.

Fun in the Sun Dry-Land Sportswear

Are you headed to the beach to play a game of beach volleyball? Or maybe you want to take your morning jog along the shore? We have an outfit in mind for just that!

When you are dressing for the beach but not for the water, opt for lightweight and breathable but supportive and fitted materials. When participating in sporting events and athletic activities at the beach in the summer, you want an outfit that will keep you cool and dry while offering maximum support and comfort.

Throw on a pair of women's athletic shorts and a sports bra, and you are good to go. Make sure you choose a sports bra made for the activity you are participating in to ensure the best fit and ultimate support and comfort.

Cute Clothes for Catching Waves

If in-water fun-in-the-sun splashy sports such as surfing and paddle boarding are more your summer style, you will want to choose a swimwear outfit for your beach day. Choose a supportive one-piece swimsuit or a bikini paired with a rash guard.

A rash guard is a key component of the sporty-and-fashionable beach looks. They come in all colors, patterns, and cuts, so you’ll have no trouble finding the right one to compliment your look. They are the best way to protect your skin from both the sun and any board rash you would otherwise get from your stand-up paddleboard or surfboard while catching waves.

If you opt for a two-piece swimsuit for your in-water sportswear, choose a swim top with specially designed straps or higher necklines for added comfort and support while swimming and paddling.

Languid Lounging and Lazy Lagoon Time

If you want in on this sporty athletic swimwear trend, but you don’t go for the sweaty, sandy physical activity, we still have some fab fits for you.

A bikini top paired with women’s board shorts is a fun and sporty look that is also super comfortable and great for just lounging pool-side.

Swim shorts are also a practical, comfortable and fashionable option for a highly wearable sporty look that can just as easily be worn as beachy loungewear.

Sporty Looks for Seaside Stretching and Yoga

For that early sunrise yoga class at the beach this summer, we recommend some cropped capri yoga pants and a comfy but stretchy and supportive sports bra.

For this look, you can also throw on a lightweight, breezy active shirt or running top to wear over your sports bra on the way to and from your beachside yoga class. Even for these times when you are not swimming or spending all day at the beach, don’t forget to wear your sunscreen.

Beachside Barbeques and Boardwalk Strolls

If you want a fun but functional beach outfit for a beach party or barbeque this summer, look no further than the blouson tankini. This highly versatile, loose-fitting flowy swim shirt is fashionable enough to be worn to any casual event but perfect for those beach and pool parties where you just might want to take a swim later.

Pair your sporty tankini with a bikini bottom and a sarong for a summery resort attire-vibe, or wear it with a matching swim skirt for a full-coverage swimwear look that looks great in or out of the water.

Maybe you would just like a comfy sporty outfit to take a long walk on the beach in. In this case, just wear a breezy cotton lounge dress. Try to plan your activities, whether you are swimming, walking, or lounging, for either early morning or later in the evening to avoid the harsh midday summer rays.

Just as with activewear designed for dry land, these beachy, sporty outfits boast performance-inspired design elements such as compression and fast-drying fabrics. These outfits are made for ultimate comfort and reliability all day, no matter what your sporty summer beach activity is.


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