At-Home Family Photo Shoot Ideas

At-Home Family Photo Shoot Ideas

Gather your family for an at-home photoshoot. Not only is this a great way to create memories that last a lifetime, but it’s also a fun activity everyone can enjoy. Here are some tips to help you put together a great family photo shoot, whether you want to wear matching family pajamas or dressier apparel.

How to Take Great Photos

Any kind of camera will work when taking family photos—but for professional-quality results, consider using a digital SLR camera. These cameras provide high-resolution photos and offer plenty of customizable options, including levels of zoom and interchangeable lenses. If you don’t have a digital SLR camera, don’t worry. You can still capture amazing photos with nothing more than strategic lighting and a smartphone.

Many of today’s smartphones offer portrait settings to optimize your photos. Natural light is favorable when taking family photos; try to position yourselves to the side of the light source to prevent the flat look that can occur with front-facing light. If you’re using indoor lighting such as lamps, position them to the side of your subject for the best results. Before your photoshoot, brush up on some photography tips online to take your shutterbug skills to the next level. Another pro tip is to take lots of photos—it can take lots of snaps to achieve the perfect shot.

Background Ideas for All Seasons

There are all kinds of background ideas to consider for your family photoshoot. The great outdoors is always an excellent backdrop, whether you’re posed in front of your favorite tree, the family garden, or sitting at your outdoor furniture. If you’re taking photos indoors, you can stand in the foyer or create a cozy scene on the sofa. Drape a fleece throw over the arm or back of the sofa to add a casual touch to the scene and add a pop of color you can coordinate to your clothing.

If you’re doing holiday photos, make sure to include festive accents in the shot. Deck the mantel out with needlepoint stockings and an evergreen garland, or whatever seasonal adornments you prefer. For fall holidays, pumpkins and leaves are always appropriate decors.

What to Wear for a Family Photo Shoot

One of the most important aspects of a family photoshoot is the clothing. As previously mentioned, you can go with matching PJs for a cute, cozy look. Christmas sweaters are another idea that works for holiday photos—get everyone a matching sweater or let them choose their own style. There are also turtlenecks for men, women, and kids in shades of red and green that work for Christmas photoshoot.

Fall photos call for clothing in warm earth tones to reflect the beauty of the season. The women and girls can wear corduroy leggings and tunic tops, while the men and boys can wear chino slacks in a khaki hue and sweaters in shades of brown, rust, orange, or whatever autumn-inspired color you prefer.

A spring photoshoot is an occasion to break out the pastel hues and dressy clothing. Fit and flare dresses for women are stylish for spring, especially when you pair them with a cardigan sweater in a springtime color, such as robin’s egg blue or sunny yellow. Dresses for girls come in just as many styles and colors for a coordinated look. The guys can rock dress slacks with pastel sweaters; men’s and boys’ polo shirts are another option.

If you’re taking summer photos at the beach, have everyone wear matching swimsuits or ones in complementary colors and prints. For more coverage, wear beach coverups over your swimwear. Capri pants and tank tops are also photo-worthy summer outfits for girls and women. As with spring photos, boys’ and men’s polos are an appropriate fashion choice that falls between casual and dressy.

More Tips for a Great Family Photo Shoot

There are no rules to follow when it comes to taking family photos. Rather than adhering to certain guidelines, have fun with your photos and let your family’s personality shine through. Experiment with different outfits, poses, and backdrops to find what lets your family shine the most. You might even want to let each family member be the director of a shot, so you have a series of photos that capture everyone’s unique vision. For example, Mom may want to snap a pic in front of the staircase, while Dad or the kids may prefer an outdoor shot. Taking lots of pictures and letting everyone have input ensures everyone has a photo they’ll love.

When your photo shoot is complete, you can edit your photos online to remove any imperfections or to bring out the best features or leave them as-is for an authentic look of you and your loved ones. The most important thing to remember with a photoshoot is to have fun and use the opportunity to bond with your family.


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