Fun Things to Do on a Night Home at with Family and Kids

Fun Things to Do on a Night at Home with Family and Kids

Rainy evening? Canceled plans? There are plenty of reasons why you may find the whole family homebound for the night. But spending time together at home sets the stage for some of the best family memories. This is where inside jokes happen — those stories that people bring up decades later at the Thanksgiving table. “Remember when…” cues another hilarious anecdote of that night you all stayed in and got into some old-fashioned mischief.

So put on your comfiest men's sweatshirts and gather around the living room — this is the time to unwind and have some laughs! Depending on the ages and interests of everyone in your household, the types of activities you’ll engage with will be different, but the key is to keep it fun. Here are some at-home family night tips.

Host a Trivia Game Night

You’re living at a unique time in history when a simple Google search populates a long list of online trivia games that you can play anytime. Never has it been so easy — and affordable — to find endless sources of trivia questions. Also, because the makers of these online games continue to update their material, these questions don’t remain stagnant on a card.

Keep it local with the people at home or Zoom in a few relatives to make the group even bigger. The whole family can stay nice and cozy in casual elements like flannel pajamas too, which makes getting together anytime a snap. When you play trivia games, you learn more about the people you love. Discover who’s the expert at sports and who has been hiding their spectacular knowledge about 15th century Europe. You never know what’s going to happen as you select new categories to try!

Cook a Meal Together

Learning how to cook meals is an essential life skill that can save money and make the whole family healthier. Get everyone involved with cooking tasks that meet their skill level. You’ll be surprised at what even toddlers can do! When both parents and kids take part in the creation of a meal, everyone feels a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Keep everyone’s hands clean and dry by keeping a set of monogrammed hand towels in the kitchen. While just one towel is enough when there’s a solo chef, things can get busy quickly when there are many cooks in the kitchen. Designate a sous chef and clean-up time to keep operations streamlined. When there’s order, you all can accomplish the goal more quickly and have fun. Don’t forget to take pictures of your meal and brag about what part you had to play in its creation!

Get Surprises with Entertainment Delivery Kits

If you’re in a season where staying at home for the evening is a regular occurrence, it’s wise to invest in entertainment that you don’t need to plan yourself. The mental labor of organizing fun all the time can surprisingly suck the energy from you. So have one of the many craft and game delivery subscription services available. Adding to the joy of not having to carry the mental load, you can also wear cozy clothes like work from home pants.

Take a look online and you’ll find countless services that offer date night boxes, science kits, tabletop board game subscriptions, craft kits, and even books of the month. These services think for you so all you have to do is open the box and read the instructions. Is tonight the night when you and the kids do a fizzy volcano experiment, or will you and your fiancé solve a murder mystery from your date night box? The good news is that all you do is pay for the service, and they do the rest!

Video Call Long-Distance Relatives & Friends

When you can’t travel long distances, the Internet makes your loved ones just a call away. What was once science fiction is now possible every day through apps like Zoom and Google Hangouts. This is an excellent way to socialize when you can’t find a babysitter or if you have small kids that may not have the stamina for late nights and travel. You don’t have to miss a beat — or drive anywhere — to touch base with family and friends who are near and far.

Your family will also enjoy chatting with other people and deepen bonds with relatives. Don’t stress about what to wear either. Everyone’s at home, so wear something comfortable and sharp like one of your favorite lounge dresses or a simple tee and jeans combo.

Who’s ready to have some fun tonight? When you try something new, everyone in the family gets another precious memory to treasure forever.

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