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Best Outfits to Wear While Doing Arts and Crafts at Home With the Kids

It’s okay — in fact, it’s more than okay — to get a little messy when you’re doing arts and crafts with the kids at home. Those quality moments together are priceless. You’ll never regret indulging them in their creative passion while joining them in making treasured lifetime memories. It’s all about growth, exploration, and pure fun!

What does matter, however, is wearing the right garments so that you don’t end up with the kind of mess on your hands that you can’t easily resolve. Playing with arts and crafts can be a tricky task, especially when there are things like markers and paints and other potentially mess-making components involved. Choosing comfy clothes is also important since you want to be sure you don’t limit your flexibility as you’re moving around and helping the kids throughout the day. Here are some style tips to help you make the most of the moment.

Keep It Practical

As much as you might want to wear that easy and ultra-soft jersey dress hanging in the closet, arts and crafts day probably isn’t the best occasion for it. That’s not to say you can’t wear a dress when the kids are hard at work creating their masterpieces, but it’s best to stick with light T-shirt dresses that are a little more casual and free-flowing.

Otherwise, think about the types of clothes that are easiest to wear when you’re on the move. You might get down on the floor to help your children cut and glue and experiment with different projects. Or you might sit with them and help them finish their creations. Whatever the situation, don’t make the mistake of wearing something too refined or pulled together. Think simplicity and comfort, in the form of anything from shorts and a lightweight T-shirt to a pair of capri pants and a tunic.

Grab a Smock

There’s no question that your kids’ T-shirts and pants are likely to get a little bit messy if they’re working with materials that are likely to spill or splash or otherwise cause a little bit of trouble. While you can usually tackle even the most stubborn stains relatively easily if you treat them right after they occur, you can avoid that situation altogether by throwing a smock on top of your kids’ clothes. Art smocks are easy to wear, and they’re typically equipped with pockets so it’s easier for your little one to stash his or her tools inside.

Parents might also want to consider smocks to prevent the very same problem from occurring. Some are apron styles that are easy to knot at the back and allow you to customize the fit to your size, while others are traditional pullovers that feature long sleeves for greater coverage. This is a more sensible option if you plan to work with paint or glitter or anything that has the potential to spill and soak into your clothes.

Wear Your Basics

When in doubt, opt for something you would wear if you went out to play in the backyard or at the park with the kids. Loose-fitting clothes, like breezy tunic tops or T-shirts, are always ideal. Pair them with leggings or shorts and you’ll feel comfortable and relaxed all day long, no matter how much activity you plan to pack into the day.

If you generally wear jeans, consider jeggings instead so you don’t risk staining your denim. While it’s often relatively easy to loosen ink and other stains from denim, some marks that are left behind are far more stubborn and difficult to manage. Those are the types that will leave you wondering why you ever thought to wear jeans while putting together arts and crafts with your kids! When in doubt, opt for softer fabrics you can just toss in the wash right away.

Take It Outside

Another way to work around the possibility of dealing with a massive amount of clutter and mess inside your home is to take everything outside. Sure, you’ll still have to clean up, but you’re less likely to deal with potential spills on your flooring.

If you do plan to take your arts and crafts session outside, be sure you’ve dressed appropriately for the occasion. On a particularly warm day, a pair of women’s shorts and a moisture-wicking T-shirt constructed with soft fabric will help you keep your cool as the mercury rises throughout the day. Look for garments infused with an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) for both you and the kids to ensure a little extra security from those potent ultraviolet rays.

When you wear the right clothes, you never have to worry about your comfort or the condition of your fabrics. Savor every moment of creating little works of art with your kids!


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