How to Incorporate Art and Sculpture into Your Home Decor

How to Incorporate Art and Sculpture into Your Home Decor

Transforming your home can be done with a few key additions. Wall art and sculpture can be displayed in almost any room for instant elegance. Whether you’re doing a whole-home renovation or want to change the look of a single room, some new décor can go a long way. It doesn’t take much to make an impact, either. Keep reading to discover ways you can bring the beauty of sculpture and wall art into your space:

Create a Bold Focal Point

One of the simplest ways to create an artistic look is by choosing a single piece as your focal point. For example, you might decorate a bare wall with an oversized art print. Or you could hang a canvas art or framed art above the console table in your entryway. In the bedroom, hang a large art piece above the dresser. Choose a piece of art with colors that match your bedding for a coordinated look.

If you go this route, keep the rest of your décor simple, so the attention stays on your key item. For example, if you’ve hung a large piece of art above your sideboard, keep its surface bare or close to it as possible. Small objects like keys and jewelry can be tossed in a decorative bowl. Cut clutter for a minimalist look with storage bins tucked in cubbies and under benches.

Put Together a Gallery Wall

On the opposite end of the style spectrum is the gallery wall. Rather than hanging one piece of art as your focal point, you’ll create an eclectic look with many pieces. Framed artwork and canvas art in different sizes can be combined on a single wall, along with a round or rectangular wall mirror. You don’t have to match frames or even colors. The idea of a gallery wall is an eye-catching collection of pieces in one area, which imparts an upscale museum vibe to your space.

If you’re the type who prefers a theme, you can choose art prints from a certain era. Or go for all black-and-white prints. A gallery wall doesn’t have to be completely haphazard or coordinated; aim for a happy medium. Also, you don’t need a large wall. Even the space above a side table can be large enough for several art pieces. LED candles can be grouped on the table to illuminate the area with a soft glow without any flames.

Make Use of Table Surfaces

Tabletops are one of the most obvious—and sometimes overlooked—display areas. You can use your dining room as a decorative centerpiece. A crystal sculpture is a sophisticated addition to the table, or you can go with faux or real flowers in a decorative vase. Side tables can hold lamps with sculptural-inspired bases and upscale touches such as marble coasters. You can even put one on the nightstand. Look for a style or lamp base color that complements your bed sheets or coverlet for a matching look.

Then there’s the coffee table. There are virtually unlimited possibilities when it comes to decorating yours. Create an inviting display with beverage coasters, a crystal candy dish and some coffee table books or magazines. Or go minimalist with a single sculpture or figurine. A coffee table is a great place for candles, or you can display a faux or real plant in a decorative container.

Create Display Space with Wall Shelves

If you’re working with a small space, don’t forget about wall shelving. There are shelf baskets for wall shelves that you can use to keep things neat and uncluttered. It doesn’t have to be fully useful, though. In between storage baskets, place a decorative piece to add visual interest. Your collection might include a piece of driftwood from a beach trip or a Ming-inspired vase. The items don’t have to match, especially if you space them out a bit on your shelves. Keep your storage baskets neutral-toned so that your artsy pieces stand out.

Choose Functional Accents

Another way to bring art and sculpture into your home is with decorative items that serve a purpose. For example, you might find a tray or bowl that’s useful and stylish. Or a teapot with graceful curves in a color you love. Wall mirrors are a perfect example of functional décor. Some of the frames are works of art on their own, and the mirror lets you check your look before heading out the door. Indoor and outdoor floor rugs are another example of functional artwork, especially if you opt for a rug with a geometric or abstract pattern. An outdoor rug can accent your patio furniture and add warmth to the area.

Fill a Curio with Decorative Objects

If you want to display collectibles or treasured décor items in one place, find a curio that fits your space. There are rectangular curio tables and corner curios, so you may find one that fits the room. These furniture pieces have multiple shelves, some of which are adjustable. The glass curio fronts let you see what’s inside. Some curios even have LED lights inside to illuminate the interior for better visibility.

Experiment with different placements of wall art and sculptural art throughout your home. The great thing about decorating is that you can move pieces around until you find your favorite look.


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