Are Trench Coats Warm and Waterproof?

Are Trench Coats Warm and Waterproof?

When it comes to choosing a coat, a trench is a stylish and reliable option. These versatile pieces always look polished, plus you can find styles with tons of extra features that make them great choices for windy, cold, or rainy weather.

The quick answer to whether trench coats are warm and waterproof is yes; however, they depend on the style, design, and features. A high-quality trench with the right details can be perfect for rain and snow in the fall and winter. Discover what to look for when shopping for the best trench coat for your needs with this quick and simple guide.

A Short History of the Trench Coat

The first trench coat styles were developed during World War I to keep soldiers warm and dry. Made with durable materials and solid designs, this style of fall and winter coats have stood the test of time. When they were invented, the gabardine or coated cotton they were made from was a revolutionary concept. While today’s trench coats have come a long way in terms of fashion and features, at their core, they are designed to help the wearer stay comfortable in cold or wet conditions.

Are Trench Coats Warm?

Trench coats can be toasty, but their level of warmth will depend mainly on the materials and design. A trench done in a cotton or synthetic blend, for example, can offer a high level of warmth but may not be suitable for extremely cold temperatures. One designed from wool or other heavyweight fabric, or a lined or insulated version, will have more warmth and resistance to frigid temps. The overall style of the trench coat itself does help retain warmth, with the belted waist and overlapping button-front design. Most trench coats are at least hip length, although longer versions that fall to the knee, calf, or ankle will also offer additional warmth.

Are Trench Coats Good for Winter?

Trench coats can be great to wear during the winter months, but again it depends on several factors. If the climate you live in does not have extreme winter temperatures, a light to medium weight trench can be a good option. They are sleek and professional-looking to wear to work. The best trenches for winter will be made of durable, insulated fabrics to retain warmth. If you are looking for a coat for frigid temperatures or outdoor activities, puffer styles, down coats, or parkas are also an option to consider.

Are Trench Coats Waterproof and Good for Rain?

Trench coats make an excellent option to wear in the rain. The materials they are made from (including treated cotton or poplin, leather, or other materials) are typically water-resistant. To understand just how well they can resist water, it’s important to look at the specific descriptions for the jackets. Those that state they are water-resistant will help keep water at bay, but styles that say they are entirely waterproof will ensure you stay dry even if you’re subjected to wet or rainy weather for a more extended period of time. Both styles can be perfect go-tos for wearing during rainy or wet weather. Some trenches also have hoods or detachable hoods, making them ideal for a sudden shower.

Tips and Tricks for Wearing Your Trench Coat

If you are looking for a great trench coat to see you through the different seasons, you have plenty of options. If you fall in love with a light- to medium-weight trench coat, for example, you can still make it work for the winter months by layering thermal tops, flannel shirts, or wool sweaters underneath the coat. Add some winter accessories, like a cozy winter scarf and hat, and you're sure to stay toasty. If you can’t decide on a trench coat length, consider the longest length that you feel comfortable wearing for optimal warmth.

? If you are looking for a high-fashion piece, consider choosing a trench coat in a unique color, done with special details like detailed buttons, or an option with extra flair on the belt design. Since trench coats can be worn with virtually any type of outfit, you can’t go wrong in choosing outfits to wear with them.

It’s never been easier to choose a trench coat that has the design and features you need. Try out different styles and consider the features and quality before making your choice. Once you buy your first trench coat, you’ll fall in love with the style for good!


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