Are Swim Dresses Good for Curvy Figures?

Are plus-size swim dresses good for curvy figures?

Do the words "swimsuit season" send shivers down your spine? Instead of trying on dozens of mediocre suits, treat yourself to a swim dress from Lands' End. We've designed them to flatter figures of every type, and they're super comfortable, too.

The perfect material

High-Tech Materials ensure that our plus-size swimwear looks gorgeous on curvy gals. Slendertex® fabric in select swim dress styles smooths your tummy, hides bumps, and generally lets your favorite attribute shine.

Lycra® Xtra Life™ spandex ensures your swim dress keeps its great shape, fitting you perfectly, even when you wear it again and again. This powerful fiber also resists damage from chlorine and saltwater, so don't be afraid to put your dress to the test.

Sun protection

Unlike typical swimsuits, our swim dresses actually help protect you from the sun's harmful rays. They cover more skin than a bikini bathing suit or skimpy tank suit, so less of your body is exposed to the sun. The fabric we use also blocks 98% of rays, giving it a UPF 50 rating – the highest available rating for apparel. It's even recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation as an effective protectant where the skin is covered.

Support and the fit

If you're blessed with a full bosom, we've got you covered. Each swim dress has a built-in bra, providing support where you need it most. Some are made with underwires, while others have soft cups that gently lift and shape.

For a custom fit, look for slim dresses with adjustable straps. You can alter them until everything is just where you want it, and they're great for all bust sizes. However, wider straps are usually best for a larger chest, as thin ones can dig into your shoulders.

A swim dress can also emphasize your waist. Choose one with crisscross shirring at the bust to bring out the best in an hourglass figure. A flared skirt can make your middle look more defined and slender, too.

Some swim dresses have a sewn-in panty, so you can wear them on their own. Others are made for pulling over a bikini or a one-piece suit, though. This makes them a nice alternative to flouncy cover-ups that aren't supposed to get wet.

How to keep it clean

After wearing your swim dress, hold it under running water to get rid of corrosive substances, including salt, sand, and sunblock chemicals. Do this right away to keep your dress in good shape. If you don't, the material may start degrading.

When you have a moment, gently wash your swim dress in the sink. Use a mild detergent or a squirt of baby shampoo, and gently work the cool, sudsy water into your dress before rinsing. Afterward, squeeze out excess moisture without wringing or twisting.

Finally, lay your swim dress on a flat surface and let it air dry. Keep it away from direct light to protect its bright colors. Never place your swim dress in the dryer and don't put it on a hanger either, which can distort its shape.

The quality

Swim dresses are really great for curvy figures for many reasons, but it’s super important to get a high-quality swim dress. The better the quality, the better the fit, and the more comfortable you will feel. A good quality swim dress will be made out of great material, have built-in support, and sun protection (all of the things we mentioned above!) The last thing is that you want to make sure you get a style and colors of swim dress that you’ll feel great in! 

As long as you clean and dry the swim dress properly, it will last you for many swim seasons. Make sure you check out all of the high-quality swim dresses that Lands' End has to offer.


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