Are Slim Fit Jeans Skinny Jeans?

Are Slim Fit Jeans Skinny Jeans?

As slim fit jeans trend for fall, many women are wondering how, exactly, they are different from the skinny jeans we have all been enjoying for the last decade or so. The styles look a great deal alike in photos, but there are key differences, and we believe you will appreciate some features of slim fit jeans.

Skinny vs. Slim

Like most things, the fit of jeans is best represented on a spectrum, with jeggings on one end and oversize 90s club-kid jeans on the other. For the sake of conversation, we will stick to the five basic fits: skinny, slim, straight, relaxed and baggy. Skinnies and slim fit jeans sit right next to each other and have a lot in common, though there are a few key differences. Commonalities between skinny jeans and slim fit jeans include a relatively tight fit in the hips and seat. These are jeans that flaunt your assets! The contours of your waist, hips and derriere will show, and both of these styles of jeans will certainly feature stretch denim construction. The fit of the thighs may or may not be the same, because that depends more on your figure than the jeans. It’s at the knee that significant difference becomes apparent; skinny jeans will be tight enough to show the contours of your calf, and will have as small an ankle opening as possible. Slim jeans may be tapered or straight through the calf, but they will not show the full contour of your lower leg, and the ankle opening will not be tight.

So, if your jeans are close to jeggings with classic denim styling, you’re wearing skinny jeans. If your jeans are more reminiscent of straight-leg jeans with a tailored or sexy edge, they are probably slim fit jeans. Now you might be thinking, “If the difference is so minute, why does it matter?” We have an answer for that. Let’s spend some time exploring why slim-fit jeans might be a perfect addition to your wardrobe, and how to style them if you’d like to give them a try.

Why Slim Fit Jeans are Pretty Terrific

We’re not interested in saying anyone is “too old” to wear anything. That’s narrow thinking. At the same time, we’re noticing that a lot of women who have worn skinny jeans for many years are now looking for a style that is both youthful and sophisticated—a step up from the skinny jeans they’ve been wearing. Slim fit jeans are great for this! They have a sexy edge thanks to the trim fit of the hips and seat, but the cut in the rest of the leg is a bit less “night club” and a bit more “book club.” Slim fit jeans change the tenor of an outfit from trendy to timeless, which naturally increases their versatility. Slim fit jeans can be an everyday wardrobe workhorse, providing you with the casual-but-grown-up vibe that might be just right for your life right now.

Slim fit jeans are a little more versatile than your skinnies. Skinny jeans may present a challenge as to footwear; the segue from skinny jeans to shoes can be problematic, and boots and ballet flats are go-to choices because they represent a worry-free choice. Slim fit jeans look great with all sorts of flats, but the proportion plays well with loafers, low block heels (which are majorly trending for fall) and oxfords, too. Note that these shoes are sophisticated options for a polished look.

Styling Slim Fit Jeans

Styling slim fit jeans is easy and fun! If you can build an outfit with skinny jeans or straight jeans, you can probably just switch to slim fit jeans and see a subtle but fabulous difference. Slim fit jeans are great when you want to look polished with a blazer and smoking slippers but keep the feeling relaxed with denim. They are just right when you want to high-low your best cashmere sweater for a day of shopping or lunching. They are perfect with a womens' blouse and old-fashioned women's loafers at the weekend.

Slim fit jeans are trending, but more than that we think they might be the next big thing for your wardrobe. The attractive, grown-up versatility of slim fit jeans gives them wardrobe-workhorse potential. You can enjoy the fit and feel of a close-cut hip and rear and still have a fresh, if subtle, difference in silhouette that will make all of your outfits feel new again.


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