Are Polo Shirts in Style?

Are Polo Shirts in Style?

Many garments, like cropped tops, cold-shoulder shirts, and even turtlenecks, go through various stages of trendiness. Often, old favorites come back into play at some point or another. But can the same be said for the ubiquitous women’s polo shirt? Sure, this top is an old-school classic. It fits naturally into some settings, like the golf course, prep school, and the country club. But beyond being reliable, is it actually stylish? Here are some points to consider.

Try a Simple Look

Polo shirts are inherently simple. You can take your cue from its naturally understated appearance by replacing your go-to T-shirts and tank tops with a polo instead. Think of the collared staple as a more structured alternative that pulls your outfit together. To give it a bit of a twist from more traditional looks, pair your polo with something unexpected.

For example, a pair of skinny jeans is usually worn with something like a tunic or a breezy tank and a structured blazer for a cool, no-nonsense look. But when you throw on a polo top instead, the look suddenly takes on a more approachable, laid-back feel. Step into canvas sneakers, or if you want to shake things up even more, a pair of pumps, to give the polo shirt a dressy makeover.

Channel Your Sunny Side

Spring is such a great time of year to experiment with various colors of the rainbow that you might otherwise be reluctant to wear on a more regular basis. When the sun shines bright, you have every excuse in the book to celebrate with bright shades that resonate with the season. One way to inject a pop of color into any look is to wear a polo shirt.

The key? If you’re going bright, avoid wearing anything competitively bold with it. The effect can be jarring depending on the colors that you choose. A kelly green polo will look right at home with a pair of crisp white capri pants and a pair of flat metallic sandals. That electric blue polo will bring those black denim shorts to life. Using a lively color to add brilliance to your basics is simple and fun.

Go Back in Time

Among the most important articles of clothing worn by equestrians is the humble polo. What better way to take it back to its roots than to give your shirt a vintage-inspired makeover? Take your inspiration from the many stylish women of the 1970s, who routinely wore their polos when riding.

One such example: button your polo shirt to the top and tuck it into a knee length skirt. Sling a wide, neutral belt over your waist in a shade like tan or whiskey, and step into a pair of matching, knee-high boots. There’s a retro feel about this ensemble, and while it channels a hint of iconic old-world style, it still manages to look entirely appropriate in the modern world.

Wear Those Cropped Pants

It’s not just horse riders and golfers who wear polo shirts with grace and style. You might recall wearing the popular top as a kid in school, too. One way to bring those days back with an all-grown-up twist is to pair your polo with cropped pants. Length matters here, because it can mean the difference between a casual and a dressy look.

If you intend to wear something suitable for work or dinner with friends, opt for a pair of pants that graze the ankles instead of one that’s more capri-length. Then pull on and tuck in a polo shirt in a more reserved hue, like charcoal or camel. Add a dressy belt and step into a pair of pointy-toe flats or kitten heels for a surprisingly chic, pulled-together look. You can even add a structured blazer to this outfit if you want to wear it to the office.

Go for Midi Lengths

Another old-school style that enjoys popularity in contemporary circles is the midi skirt. To make your polo top a more integral part of your wardrobe, try tucking it into a fit-and-flare midi with a dressy edge. For best results, button your top all the way up.

The objective here is to create a balanced look. The top is decidedly more relaxed than the skirt. But when you choose a more refined skirt, the addition of a casual polo gives your outfit a more approachable quality that’s easier to wear on a regular basis. You can step into a pair of ankle booties in a neutral tone to complete this look, or try effortless flat slides instead.

The Style Factor

The bottom line? Polo shirts are incredibly stylish. You can wear them in the traditional manner with jeans or basic bottoms, or shake things up by pairing them with more modern options. By mixing and matching, you’ll find hundreds of ways to make the polo shirt a key part of your wardrobe.


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