Are Moccasins Slippers or Shoes?

Are Moccasins Slippers or Shoes?

Short answer: both! A variety of moccasin styles are designed both as slippers for staying cozy at home and shoes for wearing out and about. The key is knowing how to wear them, the right types to wear for a specific occasion, and what to style them with. In this post, we will look at some of the best ways to wear moccasins as either slippers or shoes.

About Moccasins

Moccasins were originally worn by Native American tradesmen and hunters. Today, they have become a fashion staple many people around the world love to wear. Moccasins look quite a lot like loafers, but they are different footwear styles. Moccasins have larger soles than loafers and also come with laces. Moccasins also tend to be more decorative and more casual than loafers. If you love that classic leather-and-suede look, moccasins are the shoe (or slipper) for you.

What Bottoms to Wear With Moccasins

One of the fabulous things about moccasins is that they can be worn with many clothing pieces. So whether you prefer wearing skirts, flowy dresses, shorts, or pants, moccasins pair well with all of these bottoms. Now, because moccasins are casual footwear, they won’t look right with an elegant black evening gown. Instead, they should be paired with equally casual clothing articles, like a flowy floral print skirt or a pair of khaki shorts.

Moccasins With Denim

When thinking about what clothing pieces to wear with moccasins, you must first consider both the moccasins' material and the clothing's material. Suede or leather moccasins paired with denim is an appealing, classic look. When you want to look trendy but laidback for a day out, throw on a pair of blue skinny jeans and a pair of moccasins. Finish the look with a print top and layer with a jean jacket.

Moccasins Incorporated Into Your Evening Wear

We have talked a little bit about the ways to wear moccasins during the day, whether you are running errands or heading to the office. But moccasins are great as slippers too. Separate your moccasin slippers from your moccasin shoes. You wouldn’t want to walk around your bedroom and the rest of your home in moccasins you have worn outside on dirty sidewalks. Plus, moccasin slippers tend to be designed specifically as slippers rather than shoes, so their material may differ. A pair of moccasin slippers is functional and can effortlessly enhance your nighttime wardrobe. They pair beautifully with flannel pajamas, plush robes, and cami and pajama short sets.

Find the Moccasin Style That Fits Your Personal Aesthetic

Do you love the look of a classic moccasin? Something with a tan color and a suede fabric? Do you want an extra-plush cushion to keep your feet warm? Or perhaps you like something in an untraditional color like teal or purple? And we haven’t even gotten started on alternative material choices and print moccasins. With something like print moccasins, you can make quite a subtle fashion statement, especially if you pair them with a monochromatic outfit in a neutral color. Take the time to explore materials, colors, and prints before deciding on the right moccasins for you. You may even find that you like several styles and might invest in a couple of pairs of moccasin slippers.

Perfect the Boho Look

When you wear moccasins as shoes, you can have fun incorporating them into all sorts of outfits, especially boho outfits! During the spring and summer, pair moccasin shoes with a long, flowy floral paisley dress and accessorize with a fashionable hat or bangle bracelets. If you prefer pants or shorts, moccasin shoes look great with denim cutoffs or skinny jeans and a floral print top. For the guys, pair tan moccasin shoes with men’s shorts and an open button-up dress shirt in long or short sleeves.

Wear Moccasin Shoes in the Summer

Moccasins can be worn during any season, including summer! They look fabulous with floral shorts or boho print shorts and a solid-colored top. A pair of leather moccasin shoes with suede laces will look stunning with a pair of black, straight-leg dress pants for a more formal look or denim shorts for something more casual yet trendy. Thinking it may be time to incorporate moccasin shoes and slippers into your wardrobe? Looking for something to slip on to wear around the house or to elevate your trendy outfits? Shop Lands’ End today for men’s and women’s moccasins and other high-quality women’s shoes and men’s shoes for every occasion.


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