Are Leggings Appropriate for Work?

Are Leggings Appropriate for Work?

The question is: who doesn’t want to wear leggings all the time? Bless the folks who turned them into daywear, making life better for, frankly, everyone. When you’re comfortable, you’re confident. And there’s no better way to kill it at work than when you’re feeling like the best version of yourself.

The pandemic turned leggings and sweatpants into the de facto clothing of choice for those who work from home. Now that we’re all getting back into the office, the question is: can you still rock those leggings when you’re in a professional setting? The answer: yes. There are a variety of ways to keep the leggings looking work-appropriate. It’s super important to consider the fabric and color of the leggings, plus other features like rise and print. And as with any fashion decision, you have to think of the whole enchilada. Tops, earrings, jackets. There are too many combos to name. Read on for ideas on how to dress up the world’s comfiest pants so you won’t miss working from home at all.

High-Waisted Leggings

One of the best ways to make leggings feel like “real” pants is to go for some high-waisted yoga pants. In particular, the everyday high-rise active pants are a great option. The straight leg strikes a good comfort-professional balance without compromising on style. Deep-sea navy, rustic red, or classic black are all great possibilities. Depending on your work environment, it might be best to forgo colorful prints on the bottom and instead build the depth and visual interest with tops and accessories.

A high-waisted legging is great for tucking in a silk blouse and pairing it with a blazer or a crisp button-down, draped with a long scarf and a pair of boots. A blouse in a plaid or floral pattern complements the solid colors of the leggings and allows you to make a structured look.

Switch Up the Fabric

Another fabulous way to add a hint of professional touch to some leggings is to switch it up with the fabric, which means the oncoming of heavier fabrics keeps you snug while you’re at your desk. One of the absolute best cold-weather fabrics is corduroy. Our corduroy leggings come in several colors (and are high rise to boot) to make your outfit especially on par with the season. The charcoal heather or forest moss are those great earthy tones that bring the autumn holidays and colors to your wardrobe.

Pair Them Well

An open long cardigan sweater paired with a cashmere sweater and some seriously chunky heels make this look as comfy as it is professional. Or take those same heels and corduroy leggings and throw on one of our crisp women’s white blouse and a solid crew neck or boatneck sweater. A white-collar under a sweater is the forever chic work look. It’ll never fail you.

Flare Bottoms

Another option is to go for the traditional women’s yoga pants with a cute flare bottom. The moisture-wicking fabric and secret pocket that you love while you’re on the yoga mat or out for a walk still look and feel great when you’re at the office. There’s no reason these leggings can’t do double duty. One of our shawl cardigans kicks this look into the next dimension. The belted wrap in antique alabaster plaid or dark flint heather gives definition to the outfit and length for a modest feel. The serious sweats shawl in any of the three colors—navy, rose, or alabaster—rocks a bold stripe, adding that critical element of the “wow factor” that dresses up some leggings in a snap. The rib-knit trims add a bit of texture, too. Plus, you’re literally wrapping yourself in a blanket. What could be better?

Tunic Sweaters

If the shawl isn’t quite your look, then a gorgeous women’s tunic sweater is a fantastic way to make leggings look like a comfy-at-home-outfit-turned-office-style-guide. Our split neck tunic sweater in its lovely waffle stitch is a perfect complement to any pair of leggings. It focuses the attention on the visual detail of the sweater. The deep-sea navy or ivory founders stripe raises the profile of the leggings and keeps you just as cozy up top and the leggings do on the bottom. Think about going for an oversized fit to hit an especially trendy note. When fabric drapes well, it can be elegant no matter the look.

Another tunic sweater that’s a can’t-miss is the fine gauge dolman sweater. With a v-neck and front pockets, the dolman offers a universally flattering fit that pairs great with leggings. Our fun buffalo check in black/ivory or black/seafoam teal make for an especially autumnal look that you can still rock at the office. Finally, don’t forget a lightweight turtleneck if your office keeps the temperature a bit on the colder side.

If you’re moving your work from home pants into the public world, think more about the outfit as a whole than worrying about the fact that leggings feel like “cheating.”

With the right top layers and accessories, leggings can make work feel like you’re that much closer to the comfort of home.

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