Are Cottagecore and Cabincore the Same Thing?

Are Cottagecore and Cabincore the Same Thing?

In today’s world of uncertain times, a recent popular trend is something called “Cottagecore”. Cottagcore is described as a niche aesthetic that is based on idealized farm living. Think gardens, farm animals, baking bread, rural living, and nature. As the year draws to a close and weather changes from summer to fall and winter “Cabincore” is also starting to trend. Whereas a cottagecore home may be light, airy, and welcoming, a cabincore home would be warm, cozy, and relaxing.

In reality, it is not hard to read between the lines of both of these new and popular ideas of home and living. Cottagecore and cabincore, both, are a state of mind, a sense of well-being, peace, and relaxation. They embody the idea of less stress and the simple pleasures in life. Living in an actual cottage or cabin is not a necessity for the cottagecore or cabincore life.

Start With the Idea of Less Stress

What are some simple, actually doable ways to have less stress in your life? Consider a recent stressor in your own life, then ask yourself:

• Can I change it?

• Do I need or just want to change it?

• Is it worth my effort to change it?

• What’s the worst that could happen if it stays the same?

• Is it my decision to make?

• Am I overstepping my bounds with friends and family members?

• Does it involve me or am I putting energy into things that I cannot control?

These five simple questions may immediately relieve the stress you may be encountering in any given situation. You can also incorporate a simple action or two:

• Give someone a hug.

• Smile…BIG.

• Put down your phone.

• Close your laptop.

• Power off your tablet.

• Turn off the TV.

• Exercise or take a walk.

• Dance it out.

• Privately rant or vent (even just out loud to yourself), then move on with your day.

• Take the day.

• Try the #pollyannaperspective: “The good thing about this situation is….”.

When you attempt some of the above tips, keep in mind that Cabincore and Cottagecaore are a state of mind and not just how you decorate. If you have responsibilities you need to take care of put everything else aside and pay attention to every moment, every aspect, every emotion as you check those off your list. When you put everything you have into something, there is no time for other stressors to invade your sense of well-being and accomplishment, only the possibility of the simple enjoyment from everyday life in all we must do to survive and thrive.

Creating Your Cabincore Dream Home

Now that you have taken a bit of time to try and relieve some of your stressors so you can enjoy the Cabincore of it all, take a bit of time to create an environment that you feel comfortable, relaxed, and at home in. Easy additions are candles for subtle lighting, comforting scents like a fire or cookies baking, and music that puts you at ease.

Some easy ideas include things like adding some great throw pillows or a comfy throw within easy reach to snuggle up with. If you can’t stand clutter, take some time to organize with storage baskets to get it out of sight yet still have it easily accessible for when you need it.

If you really want to go big for the Cabincore vibe, think about things you use on a daily basis. There is nothing like a new set of luxurious monogrammed towels for a feeling of warmth and belonging (after all, your initials are right there to remind you!) and no need to keep them for “good”. Use them every day! And while you are at it, use your “good” dishes, bake a birthday cake just because, try a new recipe, enjoy time on a new (or old) hobby, sit down, relish spending time in a Cabincore home that is just right for you. And don’t forget to wear your favorite loungewear for women!


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