Are Animal Prints in Style?

Are Animal Prints in Style?

Are you tempted to invest in a quality animal prints piece that you can add to your wardrobe collection and mix and match with your other staples? Worried that animal prints might be too “out there” or outdated? Think again! Not only are animal prints still in style, but they also are as timeless as a sharp black blazer or a flowy white blouse. In this post, we will introduce you to just a few great ways you can style your outfits and even items around your home with animal prints.

Animal Print Hair Accessories

Not only are animal prints totally in right now, but scrunchies are also in too! With this combination, you may be wondering if the ’80s are back. We are definitely seeing a surge of nostalgic clothing staples making a comeback, so if you want to experiment with animal prints, try using them as accents. For example, a cute leopard print scrunchie and zebra print headband are fashionable accessories you can wear when you’re out on the town or doing your skincare routine at home. Aside from animal print scrunchies and headbands, you could tie a colorful animal print silk scarf around your neck or wear it as a head accessory.

Animal Print Nightwear

Who says you can’t feel cute and stylish when you are winding down in the evening and slipping into your nightwear? Consider investing in a big, fluffy women’s robe with black-and-white zebra prints, leopard prints, or even giraffe prints. It’s a fun way to make a little fashion statement, whether you are just snuggling up to your significant other for an at-home movie night or having a girls’ sleepover with mixed drinks, yummy snacks, and dance parties.

Of course, if you are going all out with your animal prints, you can’t forget women’s pajamas. An animal print two-piece set with cozy pajama pants and a long-sleeve button-up top makes for cute and comfy evening wear. During the summer, remember to have animal print pajama shorts to go with your favorite graphic tee or basic white pajama shirt.

Animal Print Tops

If you are planning a night out with friends and want to put together a fun, flashy, and stylish outfit, pair high-rise jeans with an animal print top. This novel throwback to the early aughts is also a great outfit to throw together when you don't have a lot of time to think about what you will wear. With such an eye-catching top (like a leopard print blouse with flowy sleeves and a v-neck), you won’t have to worry about accessorizing. Too many accessories will only make the outfit look cluttered. Keep jewelry simple and small, add a little tote or crossbody purse with a gold chain, finish the look with colorful heels, and you have the perfect outfit for your girls' night at your favorite sushi restaurant or a night out at the fun new cocktail bar that just opened up.

Animal Print Footwear

There is no end to the variety of animal print footwear options available. When most people think of animal print footwear, the timeless leopard print pump probably comes to mind. It’s almost as classic and iconic as the versatile black pump. But there’s no need to limit yourself to just one footwear style. Other choices such as animal print strappy sandals (either flat or with a heel), loafers, sneakers, and flip flops all make great additions to an outfit. Animal print footwear can be worn all year, whether you need something to go with a winter outfit or a comfy flat to slip on during the summer. If you’re just lounging around the house, remember to grab a pair of animal print slippers!

Animal Print Home Décor

Animal prints are not limited to clothing items; you can use them all-around your home as décor. If you are doing some small home renovations and want to do something more dramatic than unusual, consider making an accent wall with animal print wallpaper in one of your rooms. If you're not quite ready to take a plunge that big, why not invest in an animal print yoga mat, rug, or fleece throw for your bed or sofa? Think of animal prints as accessories for your home designed to accent the rest of your decor rather than making animal prints the focal point of your design theme. It’s a nice touch that adds a bit more flair to your home without being over the top.

Now that we have covered the basics of styling with animal prints, you can begin piecing together fashionable, trendy outfits and even home décor additions with designs that beautifully accentuate your look.

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