Are All Mattress Pads Waterproof?

Are All Mattress Pads Waterproof?

Once you’ve invested in a new mattress, you want to protect your purchase, and the simplest way to do that is to purchase a mattress pad. But not all mattress pads are created equal. Protection for spills requires the mattress to be given a waterproof barrier and, typically, mattress pads are used to add extra cushion and padding to the top of your mattress. If you are looking for waterproof protection from spills, bed bugs, and other damage, a mattress pad is not always enough.

Mattress Pad or Mattress Protector?

As the name mattress pad implies, mattress pads are designed to provide extra cushion and comfort to the top of your mattress. While this makes your bed more comfortable, it does not necessarily offer protection against damage from spills, pets, or other factors. If you are looking for waterproof protection for your mattress pad, look for the work protector in the description. Mattress protectors are thinner and are not designed only for comfort, but to give your mattress protection against liquids. Many of them contain a waterproof barrier that will block spills, pet accidents, and other damage from occurring to your mattress.

A Quiet Night’s Rest

Once you have selected a mattress protector to provide protection against spills, you will find that there are many types to choose from. Most will use some type of barrier layer to defend against moisture, such as vinyl or PVC (plastic), PEVA/EVA, or polyurethane. While these offer protection from moisture, spills and pet messes, some can be noisy when you sleep on them and will leave you longing for a quiet nights rest. They also can inhibit breathability of the mattress pad and cause warm sleepers to be extra warm. Fabric covers on mattress protectors can also vary greatly as well. Typical fabrics include cotton or polyester. Since a mattress protector is a bedding item, it is best to wash it frequently, so the better the construction materials are the longer it will last.


It can be difficult to determine which type of mattress protector to purchase. Luckily there are combinations of both mattress pads and mattress protectors from which to choose. Opt for a mattress protector that is also waterproof to provide the protection from spills and pets that you need, or one that supplies a small amount of padding and a soft cover. These factors will keep excessive noise from the waterproof layer to a minimum and give you a peaceful night’s sleep. Look for soft covers of cotton or cotton blends with a higher thread count, as higher thread count fabrics offer longer life and blends can offer stain resistance, allowing for easier cleaning of the protector itself.

Choosing the proper mattress protection will help to extend the life of your mattress and protect your investment. It can also give you piece of mind that your mattress will last through many years of use and many peaceful nights of sleep!


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