Are Adirondack Chairs Good for Your Back?

Are Adirondack Chairs Good for Your Back?

Adirondack chairs are a very popular outdoor chair with a unique shape and design. Named for the Adirondack Mountains, they provide a slanted seat and straight back along with wider arms and seat for comfort and a relaxed, reclining posture. But are they good for your back? The answer to that is yes! They offer the opportunity to sit in a reclined upright position which takes pressure off your lower spine. They do, however, sit lower to the ground making it harder for those with existing back or leg pain to get into and out of them at times.


It is thought that the Adirondack chair was named after people in a convalescent home for tuberculosis patients in the Adirondack Mountains who would enjoy sitting in them and watching the sun rise each day in the fresh mountain air. The Adirondack chair is often also called a Westport plank chair, named after Westport, New York where the design was patented in the early 1900’s. The unique design would allow anyone, even on the side of a mountain, to be able to have a stable place to sit and still view the horizon.

The original chairs were made from hemlock or basswood both of which were plentiful in the mountainous regions of New York state and were natural in color. Today’s versions can be made of a variety of materials from teak (to withstand years of outdoor exposure to the elements) to plastic to polycarbonate materials for weather resistance and durability. Today’s versions come in a wide array of colors and are also sold with head rests, cup holders, and ottomans for added comfort. Whether you are viewing the horizon on the side of a mountain, or looking for a comfortable place to sip morning coffee lakeside, Adirondack chairs provide a unique and comfortable furniture piece for your outdoor landscape.

Put Your Back at Ease

The unique slanted design of the Adirondack chair relieves pressure on your lower back and knees versus the traditional straight back outdoor chair or folding camp chair. Also because of their spacious nature and wide seat and back, it is very easy to add cushions to the seat and back to give added padding and support. Add drink holders or a side table and an ottoman and you might not need to leave the chair for a long time! Adirondack chairs also sport wide arm rests so sitting with a child or pet or finding a spot for a plate of your favorite snack is easier. The upward curve of the seat also helps to remove weight and pressure from your ankles, feet and knees and helps with blood flow.

Unique Style

The design of the Adirondack chair is timeless and ageless. It fits into ever changing styles and decors with ease. It is both contemporary and traditional in the same instant. These chairs provide a convenient place to sit, dry your favorite beach towels after a day at the beach, or sip warm coffee around an autumn campfire. They are made of durable materials that are easy to clean and maintain year after year. They are also lightweight and portable so they can change roles and move easily within your decor.

Sit Back and Relax

With a wide variety of colors and designs, Adirondack chairs will give you the comfortable and affordable solution to your outdoor patio or beach front living space. Their unique design makes them the ideal outdoor furniture piece when you want comfort, style, and affordability all in one piece of furniture. You can mix and match colors and patterns to give your outdoor living space the ultimate in color and style and comfort for the whole family. Add colorful cushions and an ottoman for hours of comfort fireside, lakeside, or beach front. Adirondack chairs will give you comfortable, stylish support for your back and help to ease the day’s tensions. Since these chairs invite you to sit and relax alone or with family and friends around a fire or in the great outdoors, they are good for mental and physical well-being alike! So sit back, relax, and enjoy!


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