5 Outfit Ideas for Apple Picking

5 Outfit Ideas for Apple Picking

Get outside and enjoy the fresh, crisp air with an apple picking outing. What do you wear while you get outside in an orchard? Getting outside in variable weather means you’ll want to keep function in mind. Of course, you want to be comfortable, but you also want to look your best too. In this guide, we’ll give you several fresh, fashionable outfit ideas for apple picking.

What to Expect When Apple Picking

Before you can choose the perfect outfit for picking apples, what exactly does the day entail anyway? Well, for starters, apples grow on trees. You’ll be picking apples in an orchard using long poles as tools. This means you’ll be stretching and reaching. Occasionally, nice apples have freshly fallen, meaning you’ll be bending down too. Select an outfit that provides coverage and allows for plenty of flexibility to move. 

Fabulous Looks that Function

Bring on the bundles of apples with a simple outfit that turns heads. Put on your favorite pair of high rise jeans and a cozy flannel shirt. Layer underneath with a basic tank for some added warmth. Choose footwear that’s suitable for the dirt, such as a cute pair of boots without a heel. This classic, relaxed look is ready for a day in the orchard, but also has an element of fashion. For sunny days, accessorize with a wide-brimmed sun hat and a long-drop necklace. Cooler weather demands a soft scarf to keep you feeling toasty warm.

Layered for Fall

Stay comfortable all day with functional layers that do the work for you while you harvest. Start with long underwear or a long-sleeved base layer to keep warm. If you easily sweat, choose a basic tank top to wear underneath your clothing instead. You can strip down if you need to, but have the added core body warmth if you don’t. Next, choose a lightweight fall sweater and a comfy pair of pants. For maximum movement, go with leggings.

Next, layer on a women’s winter vest. Vests work well for apple picking since you’ll have more mobility in your arms, but your core keeps warm. Choose a down vest or a synthetic puffy vest with just a little bit of fluff. You don’t want too much puff, but having the extra insulation goes the additional mile to keep you cozy. Accessorize with cute jewelry and a pair of functional footwear that you don’t mind wearing all day. You’ll be bundled, but can quickly shed layers if need be.

Your Favorite Sweater

Breathable sweaters work well for fall harvests. Pick a lightweight sweater and combine with your favorite fall jacket for a breathable, yet warm wardrobe that’s suitable for apple picking. Choose pants that have a little added warmth, such as corduroy or denim, so you’ll be covered if it's breezy outside.

Cardigans are a must-have while picking apples. So much stretching and bending can quickly build up heat, and a lightweight women’s cardigan sweater makes quick work of changing body temperatures. Quickly dump heat by unbuttoning your sweater when you feel hot. Another great option for apple picking, the mighty cardigan holds it’s own. Try to stick to silhouettes that hug the body a bit more in order to avoid picking up any unwanted twigs and leaves.

Classic Cuts

Keep your apple picking attire classic with this all-American look. Choose one of your favorite turtlenecks and a cozy pair of pants. You can match your top with any kind of bottom from skinny jeans to relaxed-fit chinos. This classic look provides plenty of function with a hint of sophistication. Wear plain brown boots or slip-on shoes to protect your feet. Use cute accessories like bracelets and hats (skip the scarves and necklaces) to keep your look bright and fresh.

Choosing the Right Colors

Be prepared with the proper color palette to make your fall look pop. Keep in mind, apple picking happens in the dirt, so avoid and lighter colors that might get stained in the great outdoors. Stick with natural colors such as browns, dark blues, and greens. These colors evoke a sense of the snuggly fall season without the risk of getting too dirty. For an added pop of color, use purples and blues to contrast against the fall foliage. For jewelry, a dash of silver or gold brings a twinkle to the harvest. Alternatively, opt for natural jewelry such as rich-colored woods, feathers, and more. 

Celebrate fall with an apple picking outing you won’t forget. Use your harvest to create delicious, fall-inspired dishes. Dress for both function and style with select clothing that not only screams fall, but also keeps you cozy while you adventure in the outdoors.


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