Animal Prints That Are In This Year

Animal Prints That Are In This Year

Animal prints have been so continuously trendy for years, they’ve practically become a classic in the fashion world. This being said, animal prints evolve every year to emerge as new trends and styles. Different prints have different vibes and make totally different statements, depending on how they’re styled and worn. Considered by some to be fashion’s newest neutral, animals prints are a wardrobe staple no woman should be without. These odes to our wildlife friends can be either classic, fun, or funky, as well as versatile and easy to assimilate into anyone’s wardrobe. Read on for our top animal prints that are in this year, so you know how and what to wear.

Leopard Print

We all know this timeless classic. Leopard print just doesn’t seem to go away; in fact, it seems to become more prevalent as the years go by. We can understand why. Leopard print adds a classy yet mysterious allure to just about any outfit. This cool and chic print also happens to look good on just about anyone. Whether worn as an accent or a statement piece, leopard print is a stylish print to have on hand. Lucky for all the animal print lovers, anything goes for leopard print. Wear leopard print leggings to your favorite yoga or workout class. Or, dress it up and wear a leopard print women’s blouse under a tailored black blazer and a pair of fitted black jeans for a sophisticated look. Go full force and wear a leopard print trench coat as an epic statement piece that is both trendy and elegant. Feel free to go big with leopard print because it never seems to go out of style.

Cheetah Print

Similar to leopard print but certainly with a distinct flavor of its own is cheetah print. While leopard print is cooler and more alluring, cheetah print is both fiercer and faster. Cheetah prints are the new super trendy twist on the classic leopard print. Sporting black spots instead of the leopard rosettes and on a lighter, more beige than tan background, cheetah print has a vibe all its own. This fast and funky print is perfect for going out or adding flair to any look. Get your feline on by adding splashes of cheetah print to your wardrobe. We especially love the look of a cheetah print swimsuit or any kind of activewear. You’ll feel especially quick and agile in those cheetah print shorts.

Zebra Print

Zebra print is another classic animal print that floats in and out of fashion. While this animal print may bring flashbacks from the 80s, this animal print isn’t as scary as it may sound. These days, zebra is big and can be a bold, boisterous way to make an impression. We especially see zebra print make its appearance on accessories. Zebra print shoes, boots, bags, clutches, and belts are particularly stylish this year. Like leopard print, zebra print also looks great as a bold statement piece. Wear a zebra print jacket, a zebra print women’s dress, zebra print sweater, or zebra print shirt. Zebra print can be quite chic and classic looking when done right. Pair with neutrals, and you’re good to go. Zebra print also doesn’t have to be in just black and white. Get creative with zebra print in different colorways that may look a little less safari.


Snakeskin print is another classic that seems to be continuously treated as a neutral by designers. Not exactly subtle and slightly intimidating, snakeskin nevertheless can be found on coats, dresses, boots, pants, and just about anywhere else. This intense yet effortlessly chic print becomes easy to wear with just about everything once you learn how to style it. Snakeskin can also be subdued because its hues and colors are often neutral and earthy. If you’re a turtleneck kind of gal, explore swapping your classic black turtleneck for a snakeskin print for a sophisticated yet edgy flair. If snakeskin intimidates you, then start small and work your way big. Add small accents like a snakeskin belt or clutch to your usual look. Soon enough, you’ll feel confident to wear an ever-so-trendy snakeskin pair of boots, pants, or trench coat like it’s your regular go-to look.

Tiger Print

This wild yet understated print is perfect for layering. Tiger print has truly an exotic appeal without being as recognizable as leopard print or zebra. It’s a little subtler but just as fabulous. We love tiger print paired with anything black; the allure of tiger-eye orange with black stripes goes perfectly. Wear a tiger print maxi dress under a black blazer with a black pair of boots for a look that will take you from daytime into the evening. Wear a tiger print blouse or sweater over your favorite pair of black jeans for an easy go-to look. Tiger print makes everything look a little cooler and more striking, so feel free to give an exotic flair to even your most down-to-earth looks.

Cow Print

A popular print for bags, shoes, and belts, cow print items make excellent accessories. However, cow print looks arguably best as a statement piece. Wear as a coat, skirt, dress, or your favorite pair of lounge pants. While a little more niche and cowboy-esque, the cow print look still stands as a trendy favorite for animal print lovers this year.

Whether you love them or not, animal prints are in and seem to be here to stay. Pick what print resonates most with you and give it a go. We promise you’ll be loving animals prints as much as we do.


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