All the Ways to Sleep in Flannel

All the Ways to Sleep in Flannel

One of our favorite things about the colder seasons is the amazing feeling of slipping into bed and being cozy and warm. Cozy is definitely a vibe, and nothing captures it quite as flannel does. Sleeping in flannel is a great way to stay comfortable and cozy all winter long. In fact, flannel makes sleeping more efficient because not only is it down-to-earth luxurious, but it works as an effective insulator and body temperature regulator, so you know that you’re getting the best sleep you need during cooler months of the year. No need to worry about overheating and no need to worry about going cold — flannel is thermo-intelligent and keeps your body at the perfect temperature for a great night’s sleep. Here are all the ways you can sleep in flannel so you can get that perfect cozy winter sleep.

Flannel Pajamas

We are all familiar with the classic flannel pajamas, which are one of the most stylish and common ways to integrate flannel into your sleep style. High-quality flannel pajamas should be made from 100% cotton flannel and get softer and softer with each wear and wash. Coming in just about every color combination and plaid design imaginable, you will definitely find a pair that’s right for you. You can even get matching flannel pajamas for the whole family so you can be sure you’re all sleeping warm and cozy through the cold seasons.

Flannel Sheets

Flannel sheets are perfect for putting on the beds when you first begin to notice that chilly nip that comes with the approaching fall and winter. Swap out your summer cottons for the fuzzy warmth of fall flannel sheets so you and the whole family can feel warm and snug. Flannel sheets also come in fun styles. Choose from solids colors, prints, plaids, and tartans to find the style of flannel that works best for your personal aesthetic.

Flannel Nightie

Even if you’re more of a pajama girl, there’s something wonderfully grandma-chic about wearing a flannel nightgown to bed. Since comfort reigns supreme these days, and so many styles are throwing back to nostalgic pasts, wearing a flannel nightgown to bed may be just the move for you. Especially with the resurgence of house dresses, the flannel nightgown is a worthwhile alternative that you can throw on at any moment. Choose a plaid or tartan design to really maximize this style. Plan to spend your weekend lounging around in your flannel nightgown and sheepskin slippers — you won’t be disappointed! Just as easy and comfortable to wear to bed, flannel nightgowns offer the same warmth and cozy factor as pajamas, but with a little more mobility and breathability. Choose from a shorter style flannel nightie or a long nightgown. Either way, you’ll feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud in this soft fluffy nightgown.

Flannel Shorts

Try a pair of flannel shorts for the man who is a minimalist to bed or for the woman who likes to sleep in boxers. Flannel shorts are a comfy and cozy alternative to the classic men’s boxer shorts. This is a great option for those who are hotter sleepers or who like to feel the bedsheets on their skin. Wear flannel shorts with a plain soft cotton t-shirt or all by themselves to make a great sleeping option during the winter months. Flannel shorts are the perfect his or her go-to easy sleepwear that will give minimalist sleepers just the right amount of cozy coverage they need.

Flannel Duvet Cover

Like flannel sheets, flannel duvet covers are one of the easiest ways to add coziness and warmth to your bedroom ensemble. Also perfect for getting that classic cottagecore look in your bedrooms, flannel duvet covers are aesthetically and functionally perfect for fall and winter. Often considered the ideal winter bedding fabric, flannel wicks away moisture and feels cozy against the skin. Heavyweight flannel duvet covers also offer the weight that some people crave while sleeping to ensure they get a deeper and better night’s sleep. While flannel duvet covers are ideal for winter, they can also be kept on your beds all year round for the perfect kind of cozy everyone loves.

Flannel-Lined Sleeping Bags

Just when you thought there weren’t any more ways to sleep in flannel, there are also flannel-lined sleeping bags. Flannel-lined sleeping bags are perfect for kids for their sleepovers, backyard camping, or real camping trips. Flannel-lined sleeping bags also make great choices for those who love a little adventure but don’t necessarily need the super lightweight features of sleeping bags designed for trekking and hiking with. If you love a good camping trip, especially during the fall, then a flannel-lined sleeping bag could be an excellent choice for you.

Flannel has been around for centuries as one of the most practical and stylish ways to sleep. Find all the ways you love to sleep in flannel and enjoy a fall and winter of cozy and warm sleeping.


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