Tips for Affordable High Fashion

3 Tips for Affordable High Fashion

When it comes to high fashion, affordability is the last thing that comes to mind. However, more and more brands are providing the same type of durability and quality as the higher-end competitors without the expensive price tags. At the same time, luxury brands are also realizing that they need to cater more to the way of life today, which is all about being able to fit in someone’s everyday lifestyle rather than the price. 

Therefore, luxury brands are catering to the consumer who also wants the quality, exclusivity, and affordability that higher-end pieces have at a more affordable cost. In today’s fashion world, high fashion can be both luxurious and affordable. When looking for both, here are some things to know to help you make the best purchase at a reasonable price. 

Shop “End of season sales”

Two of the most expensive wardrobe seasons to shop for are fall and winter. Fall and winter fashion is expensive because of the quality of the material used to make clothing that is both fashionable and has the texture to keep you warm during these colder months. A lot of higher, well-known brands will put their fall and winter pieces on sale starting in January when the holiday season is over. Why? That’s because the demand has died down. Every bargain shopper knows that when the demand is high, the price is high. During the month of January, the shopping season has died down as everyone has gone crazy splurging on holiday shopping. As such, you’ll be able to find price drops on almost everything.

For example, a woman’s winter coat on average costs between $100 to $300 from high-quality brands. Once on sale, you can find these coats for up to half off as retailers try to get rid of last season’s inventory and make room for the new spring season wardrobe styles. 

Use promotional codes and coupons

Another great way to save on some higher-end items during the fall and winter season is by using promo codes online or coupons in person. Most online retailers will automatically give out a discount code for your first purchase just for signing up for their email list. Another perk to signing up for their emails is the exclusive discount coupons and sales that you can get first-dibs on, especially the more popular items that seem to sell out faster, such as cashmere sweaters. When it comes to cashmere, luxury is the first word that comes to mind and a lot of consumers are left to believe that it has to be expensive. While this type of material can have a price tag in the thousands, there are more affordable options for cashmere sweaters for women. For a cashmere of great quality, you can look at spending anywhere from $100 to $300. By adding your discount or promo code, you can save an extra $10 to $30. 

Get familiar with brands and materials

Sticking to our cashmere example since the price tag can get pretty expensive, you’ll want to know why some retailers and manufacturers are more expensive than others. For these types of pieces, there are a few variations in the manufacturing process that can drive up the cost. For example, the name brand alone can tack on a hefty price, along with the design. A high-end designer can get away with selling a cashmere sweater well into the high hundreds and even thousands of dollars. Chances are, the material is made of 100% Grade A cashmere and is made in a certain type of factory. More affordable cashmere may be more of a cashmere-blend rather than 100% cashmere, which can still have a very similar feel and will last you just as long. 

Another example would be women’s long sleeve tops. Depending on the material, you can find a bargain or you may find yourself having to spend a little more. During these cooler months, you’ll want the material to be thick enough to keep you warm. Cotton will get the job done and is affordable unless it’s made from ELS kinds of cotton, such as Sea Island, Indian Swim, or Egyptian Giza. Take flannel, for instance; if it’s made from synthetic cotton it will be more affordable than high-grade wool. Still, cotton flannel has become more popular and common because it’s soft, comfortable, and long-lasting. When it comes to this type of material, the heavier the cotton, the better the quality. 

The more familiar you get with your textiles and blends, the better you’ll be able to distinguish good-quality, high-end fashion pieces and what they are worth. When shopping, take into account not only the materials used but also the name brand. If the brand is very well-known, know that you are paying for that brand’s name on the label. And just because the brand has made affordable pieces doesn’t mean it’s low in quality — it means the brand is working on being more economical and competitive. Next time you shop, keep that in mind. 

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