Aesthetic Style Clothes

Aesthetic Style Clothes

Aesthetic style clothes are any clothing style where the nature of beauty and art are considered. Aesthetic clothing is meant to be tasteful and artful, often with distinct themes or motifs, such as goth, 90s, or vintage. When dressing for an aesthetic, the goal goes beyond comfort and functionality to include the look and what it can represent or elicit for and from people.

Popular Aesthetics

There is no one aesthetic for clothing and fashion. In fact, there are hundreds if not thousands. Some are soft and fairy-like, while others can be grungy and dark. We rounded up ten of our favorite aesthetics to inspire you!


Boho has been a popular aesthetic for decades, drawing inspiration from bohemian and hippie styles. This aesthetic is meant to be free-spirited and artistic, often including whimsical patterns and many colors. It can have a slightly messy vibe, using natural textures and colors to create a relaxed, unorthodox look. To cultivate a boho style, consider wearing shawls and wraps or wide-brimmed women’s hats for that casual but funky look.


Cottagecore, also known as countrycore or farmcore, is all about that simple-living, natural aesthetic. It draws inspiration from Western agricultural life. A cottage-core clothing style may include animal-themed prints, jeans, cotton crewneck sweaters, layered dresses, overalls, and floral prints. To achieve this look, you can wear loose flannel shirts, cozy wool sweaters, and corduroy pants.


The All-American aesthetic is all about blue jeans, t-shirts, and simple silhouettes. Cardigans, tank tops, graphic tees, button-downs, henley shirts, and ripped jeans all work in this aesthetic. It’s one of the more understated options on this list, perfect for people who like a clean-cut comfortable look. Collegiate gear is a super easy way to achieve this cute, laid-back aesthetic.


Not to be confused with the All-American aesthetic, the cowboy or cowgirl aesthetic involves a lot of denim jeans, leather, suede, and sometimes fleece. A modern cowboy style takes elements from Western fashion with hints of boho. Of course, cowboy boots are a must! But button-downs, distressed jeans, leather pants, denim jackets, cowboy hats, fringed clothing, and dramatically large belts all fit into the cowboy aesthetic.


One of our favorite aesthetics, resort wear combines elegance with comfort. Resortwear is one of the most flexible aesthetics, as it can be plain, refined, colorful, and fun. Some styles may use tropical prints and bright colors, while others may stick to beige, white, and creamy colors that create a sense of serenity. Whatever resort color palette and prints you opt for, comfort is essential, so not tight pants or clothing with lots of hardware, like zippers, belts, or metal buttons.


Balletcore could be compared to resort wear because both use flowy and light-colored clothing. However, balletcore is more dramatic and feminine, utilizing materials like tulle, silk, and satin. These fabrics are ethereal, have gorgeous movement, and are often worn by ballerinas! To achieve a balletcore look, find dainty items like mini dresses and fitted blouses. Focus on pastels, especially pink and cream.


Grandmacore is similar to cottage-core but not the same. Instead of animal prints and jeans, grandmacore is all about chunky sweaters, long skirts, flowy dresses, and muted colors. This aesthetic is super comfortable and charming, utilizing bulky, oversized sweaters that create a relaxed, artsy look. Grandmacore, also called coastal core or grandma coastal, shares elements with hipster styles but is more specific to soft clothing and softened colors.


Minimalism is one of the most popular aesthetics, offering a clean, simple look that many find appealing. Minimalist fashion is ideal for people who don’t like dramatic outfits, bulky items, or many accessories. Most minimalists gravitate towards black-and-white looks, often monochromatic outfits, but you can play with soft colors if you want, just no neon! Stick to simple and well-fitted silhouettes, and if you're going to incorporate patterns, look for timeless ones like stripes; however, solid is the norm.


Speaking of the norm, normcore is another popular aesthetic. This refined style is all about wearing basic items and avoiding prints, patterns, and graphics. If you want to create a normcore look, hoodies, plain t-shirts, beanies, jeans, and sneakers. Normcore is less chic or elegant than minimalism, offering a more relaxed streetwear vibe. But unlike minimalism, this core allows for colors and encourages layering!


Vintage is a fun aesthetic you can make your own, pulling elements from boho and grandmacore in many cases. And vintage can refer to different periods. Most vintage looks feature tasteful blouses, petite dresses, and classy prints like polka dots! Vintage looks are all about pulling past styles into the future to create memorable and unique outfits that capture the distinct style of a certain era.

Find Your Favorite Clothing Aesthetic

If you want to know what aesthetic will work for you, browse your current wardrobe, see what aesthetic elements you already gravitate toward, and lean into that type of look!


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