Advantages of Mix and Match Swimwear

Advantages of Mix and Match Swimwear

What do you do when you want to make the most versatile and cost-effective swimsuit wardrobe? The answer is getting as many mix and match swimsuit separates as you can. When you have an assortment of swimwear separates such as tankini tops, bikini tops, swim shorts, and bikini bottoms, you can create fun and exciting swimsuit combinations that will be stretched for a variety of uses. This also allows you to be as creative as you can when you want to switch things up. What other outfit adventures can you have when you create a mix and match swimwear wardrobe? Today we will focus on all the ways versatile swimwear sets can get you through the summer and beyond.

Swim Tops Can Double as Activewear

If you've taken a peek at activewear trends, you'll notice that the line between activewear and swimwear is starting to blur substantially. The swimsuit styles that you see are heavily inspired by athletic wear and vice versa.

Therefore, if you get a swimwear top like a halter tankini you can also wear them with your favorite activewear bottoms for gym day. Because swimsuits are naturally moisture-wicking, it's perfectly designed to handle your sweaty workouts. Their synthetic materials are made to dry quickly, too — excellent for hot days that can keep you stuck in hot and sticky clothes! And, since swim tops already have shelf bras or built-in cups, you don’t even need to wear a sports bra to get the support you need. Everything about swim tops as an activewear substitute is a total win-win.

Swim Shorts Can Be Worn Anywhere

A dependable pair of swim shorts offers modest coverage at the pool when you want it. Since they look just like active shorts, you can also wear them to the gym, out on a hike, or anytime you expect to break a sweat. Swim shorts also look good with a variety of swim separates like bikini tops, tankini tops, and bandeaus, offering you plenty of coverage options to meet your comfort level. When you want something convenient for hot weather, a pair of swim shorts and women’s T-shirts become a comfortable outfit to wear to the park or casual gathering. For the most versatility get swim shorts in neutral, solid colors like black or gray so that you can match them with many spring and summer tops in your closet.

You can also use swim shorts for extra coverage under women’s dresses if you prefer to wear some type of shorts under a skirt. As a major plus, wearing shorts relieves the dreaded “thigh chafing” and sweat that sometimes happens in the summer, giving everyone more confidence to wear whatever they want in the hotter seasons.

You’ll Never Get Bored

When you own a variety of swim tops and bottoms, you never have to wear the same combination twice — unless you want to! It’s a good idea to get a blend of solids and prints to give you enough options to mix and match. It’s also useful to have at least one black top and bottom since this color is incredibly easy to match with other solids and prints. It’s perfectly fine to wear two different prints together, too— you make the rules! For even more options, select different styles of tops and bottoms so that you can create new and exciting looks.

It’s Easy to Dress to Your Comfort Level

When you have plenty of options that offer different styles and coverage levels, you don’t have to feel restricted or out of place. One day you may be feeling more flirty, so you choose a bikini top and high-cut bottom. However, the next day you may be invited to a family-friendly pool party and would opt for more coverage such as a tankini top and swim skirt — it’s all up to you how you feel each day. This allows you to plan for a girl’s trip at the beach vs. an all-inclusive indoor swim resort that may have a dress code.

You Can Achieve the Best Fit

While one-pieces are also tailored to different body types, offering long torso and petite options, swim separates are especially useful for achieving an optimal fit. If you have broad shoulders and a full bust but narrower hips, you may find one-pieces aren’t truly “one size fits all." While the bust area fits, the bottom section may feel too loose.

But when you wear a size XL tankini top and size M/L bottom, you can then get your separates to match your body exactly the way it is. The same principle applies to triangle body types that have smaller chests and wider hips. A size S top with a size M bottom will embrace your measurements and give you an excellent fit.

With so many advantages, it’s a great idea to add a few pieces of mix and match swimwear to your collection. Enjoy the freedom and great fit these versatile swimsuits offer!


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