How to Introduce Nautical Style to Your Home

How to Introduce Nautical Style to Your Home

Nautical style can have an incredible look on any home. Inspired by fresh air, crisp skies, and the beauty of the clear, clean water, a nautical theme will make your home feel inviting and inspiring. The beauty of this theme is that you can also personalize it in a multitude of ways to make it just right for your space.

Whether you prefer just a hint of nautical style with subtle decor and sailing-inspired colors, or you want a full-on lake house decor theme within lots of interesting accents, you can make the look work for your home.

Consider Color Palettes to Get Started

Sometimes, you can create the look and feel of the style you want just with your color theme alone. Nautical colors run the gamut from moody blues to fresh whites to soft, pleasing neutrals. You can take a twist on nautical colors by using variations of classics, too. For example, instead of traditional navy and white, you can create a color palette with a slightly softer smoky navy and cream. Red accents make the perfect touch to blue and white nautical color themes.

If you prefer more neutral color themes, weather greys or beiges and various shades of blues and white will fit the bill. Green shades can also be featured nicely in a nautical theme, as can rich yellow or salmon-colored accents. If you’re looking for an elegant nautical look, you can use deeper colors like coastal blues paired with deep mauve and muted green accents. Take your cues from the natural environment of your favorite lake-themed locale. Colors you love in the water, sky, sand, or a beloved boat can all make the perfect inspiration for your nautically-colored home.

Choose Nautical Patterns and Motifs to Set the Stage

Whether you’re creating a nautical bedroom or a lake-inspired living area, using nautical themes, patterns, and motifs in your decor will go a long way in giving it that fresh lakeside or coastal vibe that you’re looking for. Stripes are a classic look that gives a nod to a nautical theme in a subtle way, while more obvious motifs like sailboats, anchors, oars, lake scenes, and ship’s wheels add to the lake-like ambiance. Life preservers, lighthouses, waves and water, and fish, birds or other wildlife are also beautiful options for motifs. Rope-inspired patterns or accents also make lovely touch.

Try a set of compass-pattern bed sheets in the bedroom for a nautical feel, or add striped throw pillows to the living room sofa for a subtle accent. Choose nautical colors on rugs in the living area or by the front door, or create a cozy, lake-life feel with throw blankets in nautical colors or themes.

Incorporate Furniture With a Lake-Inspired Look

Your furniture is a great way to make an impact when you’re trying to add a nautical feel to your home. Consider adding teak furniture , or end tables done in a weathered wood look, or add side chairs done in crisp, nautical stripes. Use a white wicker chest for casual storage that has a hint of nautical appeal, or try tables or chairs done with driftwood-style designs. Accent pieces like sideboards or consoles done in white, greys, or teal add a unique touch, while crisp white upholstery offers a great background for more obvious nautical decor. You could even put up a rope-style hammock as a nautical nod.

Get Creative With Nautical Accents

A simple way to create a nautical feel in your home that’s at once fresh and cozy is to use accent pieces effectively. Try pretty seagrass baskets for storage, or incorporate artwork with lighthouse designs or lake themes. Prop vintage oars against one wall for a statement-making accent, or hang wood anchor decor from large hooks on the wall. Create your own centerpieces with driftwood, sand, shells, and scented candles.

Try throw pillows with a nautical rope pattern, or create your own lake-life signs with reclaimed wood and cyclic paints. Add wall accents like canvas art with fish or boating scenes, or hang a weather map in a white frame. Hang vintage fishing net from a wall or door frame for a one-of-a-kind accent, or create simple rope-wreath decorations to add doors. Consider adding some customized touches to functional, everyday items, like anchor-inspired hooks by the front door, or table lamps inspired by vintage lanterns. Vary materials to get the perfect nautical feel, utilizing items made with rope, wood, canvas, glass, metal, or even reclaimed sailcloth.

Sail Away With an Incredible Nautical Theme

Adding your personalized nautical touches to your home will help you create an environment that you, your family, and your guests will love. Use color, home decor, and creativity to create a fresh yet cozy nautical experience for any room in your home. From choosing the right color scheme to incorporating incredible lake-inspired accents and motifs, you can find dozens of ways to create the perfect nautical decor theme.


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