9 Activewear Staples That Belong in Your Closet

9 Activewear Staples That Belong in Your Closet

Activewear is one of the most stylish and comfortable newest entries into the fashion world. As health, wellness, and lifestyle have become central elements in the world of fashion, thus was born sleek, chic, and highly functional activewear. Whether you love working out, exercising, or just being comfortable as much as possible, activewear is in, and you should definitely be in on it. If you like moving, looking good, and feeling comfortable, then these are some of the activewear staples that belong in your closet.


Leggings are hands-down our top choice in the must-have activewear pieces that belong in every woman’s closet. There are so many kinds of leggings out there that it could be hard to choose which ones are best for you. While we are firm believers that everyone needs many different kinds of leggings, the leggings that are best for you will be dependent on your personal style and what you are using your leggings for. There are specific leggings designed especially for activities like running and high-intensity workouts that are moisture-wicking and allow for breathability and movement. There are also leggings made just for yoga or gentler forms of movement. And of course, there are basic leggings that are super versatile and can be worn more fashionably but also are perfect for relaxing and lounging.

Bike Shorts

Bike shorts are in, and we are obsessed. These tight-fitting longer style of athletic shorts are comfortable, versatile, cute, and oh-so-stylish. Wear for your hot-weather workouts, that steamy yoga class, a summer hike, or under your favorite mini dress for some extra coverage. This activewear staple belongs in every closet, whether you’re a biker or not. Choose a lightweight cotton short for a comfortable and versatile bottom, or choose a pair made from moisture-wicking and breathable material for high-intensity or sweaty workouts.

Gym Shorts

Gym shorts are the classic activewear staple that everyone needs. Choose the traditional cotton or jersey shorts for all kinds of activities or summer relaxing. There are also mesh style or other synthetic material shorts that are breathable and moisture-wicking. These more high-intensity-oriented gym shorts are perfect for runners, joggers, and other sports enthusiasts. Men will also find these gym shorts comfortable and perfect for going from lounging at home to working out, as well as for other activities that require breathability and mobility.


Joggers are one of our favorite new fashion statements. Forget the old-school, gym uniform style sweats; these days, women’s joggers and sweatpants are chic, functional, and amazingly comfortable. Perfect for just about any kind of exercise, hanging out around the house, doing errands and chores, or (if styled well) even going out! Joggers come in so many shapes, designs, materials, cuts, and styles that you’re bound to find the perfect pair, or pairs, for you. Say goodbye to the baggy look and hello to the well-cut, fit, and flattering look for your new activewear joggers. Your closet is definitely not complete without a pair!

Sports Bra

Every woman has different needs from a sports bra depending on their shape, body, personal preferences, and what they are wearing them for. There are different kinds of sports bras that are perfect for different kinds of sports and activities. Women who jog or run will want more support, such as an underwire, whereas women who are heading to a gentle yoga or dance class will want something that offers more freedom and is more lightweight and breathable. Every woman needs at least a few sports bras as a staple of their activewear closets.

Cotton Tank Tops

Basics are always important, including for your activewear closet. A good set of comfortable women’s cotton tank tops is key for any activewear closet. They're perfect for throwing on for any kind of activity to feel comfortable and versatile in your activities and looks. For those who need an activewear piece that is more sweat-friendly and better for high-intensity workouts, choose a tank top made of a breathable and moisture-wicking material. You can also find tank tops that have built-in support for women who want to wear just a tank top (instead of a tank top and sports bra) for their workouts and activities.

Jersey T-shirts

Another timeless classic, the perfect jersey cotton t-shirt is your activewear go-to for both men and women. Though it has the comfort and look of the basic tee, a perfect jersey t-shirt is anything but basic. Choose a relaxed t-shirt that is looser, lighter, and softer for a comfortable feel and look. With a wide range of cool colors, prints, and styles to choose from, the plain ole t-shirt is a classic that is an undeniable staple to everyone’s activewear closet.

The Matching Set

The newest and most fun activewear trend is the matching set. Coordinate your activewear look with matching prints, colors, and designs. You can choose a pair of leggings or joggers and match them with a top made from the same fabric, color, or print. These sets are all the rage, and we love this look for the gym, the yoga studio, or just for going out to coffee with an oversized cotton cardigan thrown over. Let your creativity shine by going bold and beautiful with a fun matching set as an essential part of your activewear closet.

Long Sleeves

Long sleeves and a hoodie are staples that belong in your activewear wardrobe. These pieces are specifically designed to be worn during or after exercise to pick up moisture, allow for breathability, and keep you warm. Perfect for those who love trail or road-running or someone who needs a warmer layer after a hot yoga class or high-intensity workout, these pieces will seamlessly take you from the gym to the couch. More sophisticated and stylish than your standard hoodie, these pieces can also be worn out and about.

Whether you're an avid gym enthusiast or simply like lounging around in comfortable clothes that move with you, having the right activewear is essential. Up your activewear game this season by stocking up on these activewear staples.


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