Accessorizing with Fleece for Women Over 50

Accessorizing with Fleece: Hats, Gloves, and Scarves for Women Over 50

If you are looking for stylish (and warm!) accessories, look no further than fleece. Comfy cozy fleece makes for beautiful hats, gloves, and scarves. Here are some tips to help you accessorize in style.

Fleece Favorites

Hopefully, you have already discovered how wonderful fleece is for all kinds of garments and home items like women’s fleece jackets, pants, and throws. However, if you haven’t tried fleece accessories, you are missing out. The same warm, cozy, breathable fabric that makes those other fleece favorites you own also makes for great hats, gloves, and scarves to keep you looking and feeling great.

Matching and Monochrome

If you are looking for instant ease and elegance, go for a single-color or monochrome outfit. By wearing the same shade from head to toe or the same color in different shades, you will create a cohesive look to your outfit while eliminating decision fatigue. This goes for your fleece winter accessories in addition to outerwear like coats, jackets, and boots.

Going all-black is an easy look that will go with any other clothes you choose to wear. An achromatic look with a coat and accessories in black, gray, or white will look lovely and have the versatility neutral colors bring to your wardrobe. If you like a little color, wearing a navy coat and staying with shades of blue for your hat, scarves, and gloves can look great. For a brighter look, all red or mixing red with navy or black is fun. All these options have the advantage of helping you dash out the door with ease. Who wants to think about outerwear in the moment? You just want to be warm and look great!

Winter Whites

If you don’t usually wear white or winter white because it stains easily, accessories can be a great opportunity to try something new. A touch of winter white will brighten your outfit, and because accessories are smaller garments that wash easily, they are easier to keep clean. For example, women’s winter scarves in winter white will look stylish while bringing light closer to your face in a similar way that a white collar on a women’s blouse does. A long scarf can be a dramatic fashion statement if you let it hang loose while allowing for a second look of being cute and cozy if you bundle up by wrapping it multiple times.

Hats and Hair

It may seem like hats are the natural enemy of hairstyles, but there are strategies to have both the look and the locks you want. If you like the warmth and style of a winter hat and want your hair to stay in place, consider a looser size or silhouette of a hat. A boucle hat or loose beanie can give you warmth without reducing the volume of your hair. Another great option is to wear fleece ear warmers that go around your neck and underneath your hairline. These will keep your ears warm while you enjoy any hairstyle you prefer undisturbed.

Gloves and Driving

For most of us, gloves serve three purposes. They keep our hands warm and stylish and give our hands the traction we need for everyday activities like driving or looking up information on our smartphones. If you plan to drive while wearing your gloves or want to keep your hands warm while texting a friend on your morning walk, you’ll need the right gloves for the job. Women’s leather gloves can be a great option for both style and comfort while driving. Touchscreen gloves or gloves without fingertips are good options if you will want access to your electronics while wearing your gloves. Sure, you can take off your gloves and just use your hands, but by choosing the right gloves from the start, you can stay warmer if there is a winter chill.

Fleece Care

Fleece care is easy but requires a bit of intention. You’ll want to check the manufacturer’s recommendations for your specific fleece accessories, but here are some general fleece care tips. As a manmade and machine-washable fabric, fleece is both low maintenance and durable. Friction and heat cause pilling on the fleece, so for best results, wash your fleece items with other fleece in cold water. Either let your fleece garments air-dry or run them through your clothes dryer on the lowest heat for a short time. These steps will keep your fleece looking great for years to come.

When you think of accessorizing, don’t forget your favorite fleece! With fleece hats, gloves, and scarves, you can create the comfy and stylish looks you crave.


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