Accessorizing a Casual Outfit for NYE

Accessorizing a Casual Outfit for NYE

New Year’s Eve is one of the most fun nights of the year! It’s a time to gather with friends and family, toast champagne, watch the ball drop, and dance the night away at a lively party. If you are looking forward to celebrating the New Year but want to do that while still remaining comfy all night long, swap out the long evening gown for a more casual look. If you are having any doubts, a casual outfit can still be very stylish. And in this post, we will show you how to do that by accessorizing with these pieces.

Accent With Something That Sparkles

You don’t need one big sparkly get-up to wow at a New Year’s Eve Party. If you prefer to keep this more on the comfy side, but still look chic and ready to party, accent with a small, glittery piece. For example, if you opt for a cashmere sweater and a midi skirt, you can accessorize with a glittery headband or a sequin clutch purse; any little thing that adds some texture and sparkle to an outfit. Plus, a sequin accessory blends nicely with cozier materials like cashmere or cotton. Think of it as creating a New Year’s Eve high-low outfit.

Make a Statement With Your Shoes

One way to subtly elevate a casual New Year’s Eve outfit is by putting all the emphasis on footwear. One way to really make a killer pair of shoes stand out, even more, is to balance them with a monochromatic outfit. If you prefer wearing white or beige colors with your outfit, accentuate the look with a pair of glittery silver strappy heels. Or you could style a sleek, all-black outfit with a pair of print heels or pumps in a bright color.

Rely on The Dependable Little Black Dress

You know what fashion staple can make anyone look like a knockout? This little number: the little black dress. If you don’t already have a go-to little black dress hanging in your closet, invest in one. It’s amazing how versatile the little black dress is and how many occasions you can wear it for, including New Year’s Eve. An understated, yet elegant little black dress is the type of iconic piece that can be worn all on its own or accessorized. If you feel like keeping things simple, throw on your little black dress, a pair of black stilettos, and a black clutch purse. If you want to accessorize the look more, go for flashier footwear, an eye-catching clutch purse, and accessorize with elegant jewelry pieces.

Accessorize Your Nightwear Pieces

For the most part, a lot of people put emphasis on trendy ways to accessorize a going-out outfit for New Year’s Eve. But if you are planning to spend your holiday hanging out at home with your friends and family for a New Year’s Eve party sleepover, you’ll want to accessorize your sleepwear too! Start by finding a cute pair of flannel pajamas like a long-sleeve button-up pajama set in your favorite color or an adorable onesie; anything fun that can be worn for a NYE home party. You can accessorize your pajama outfit with things like a headscarf, furry slippers, or New Year’s Eve-themed socks.

Swap Your Strappy Heels for Fashionable Boots

As iconic as a glittery, eye-catching pair of strappy heels are for a New Year’s Eve party, they aren’t your only option. This is great news for anyone out there who was dreading the idea of standing and dancing in toe-pinching heels all hours of the night. If you are already planning to wear a more casual getup for a New Year’s Eve celebration, you can complete the look with a stylish pair of boots. There are no rules about what boots look best for New Year’s Eve; simply pair boots that complement the rest of the outfit. If you are wearing form-fitting pants and a cute blouse, you can accessorize with a pair of long-riding boots. If you are wearing faux black leather pants, a sequin top, and a tailored blazer, you could accessorize with stiletto ankle boots.

Put All The Emphasis on Your Outerwear

Are you loving the idea of a high-low outfit for New Year’s Eve? There are so many ways to create a variety of flattering, fashionable high-low outfits and the outerwear you choose can play a big role in perfecting this look. One chic trend is to pair an elegant midi skirt with a loose t-shirt and layer with a denim jacket. Another way to create a high-low outfit is by pairing a high-end trench coat or another long coat style with a dressed-down outfit. The contrast of high-end materials with more casual materials can actually make quite a stunning look; plus you are guaranteed to be more comfortable all night long.

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