5 Accessorizing Tips for the Perfect Beach Outfit

5 Accessorizing Tips for the Perfect Beach Outfit

Part of the fun of going to the beach is going all out with your outfits! While you might have the perfect bathing suit selected for your getaway, you don’t want to skimp where the other essentials are concerned — namely, your accessories. While it’s easy to get caught up in choosing the most flattering suit, it’s just as important to consider those little extras that help your beachy ensemble look as fashionable and chic as possible.

Of course, not everyone thinks about wearing accessories to the beach. What if you misplace that beautiful piece of jewelry in the sand, or lose track of something else of value? Here are five accessorizing tips to introduce a little extra flair and style to your aquatic outfits.


No beach getaway is complete without some cute beach cover-ups to protect you from the ravages of potent ultraviolet (UV) rays. More than just practical, wearing a cover-up is an exceptional way to move from the beach to the boardwalk seamlessly. Why worry about going back to your hotel to change when you can simply throw something light and pretty on top of your suit and enjoy a bite to eat at the nearest café?

Cover-ups are available in a wide range of styles that accommodate precisely those types of occasions. Some resemble simple tank dresses, while others are airy kaftans that provide maximum circulation to keep you comfortable in the hottest environments. You can even find styles that are infused with UV protection, which is key when you’re sunning and funning in a tropical climate and want to do everything possible to protect your skin. Of course, you should wear sunscreen no matter what, but you can trust a UV-enhanced cover up to add a little extra insurance.

Water Shoes

Not every beach features the plush, thick, pillow-like mounds of sand that you imagine. But that doesn’t have to derail your enjoyment if you have a pair of water shoes in your arsenal. The modern style has come a long way from its more functional predecessors of the past. The new models are considerably more fashionable, allowing you the opportunity to add a pop of something interesting to your look in place of the usual flip flops and strappy flat sandals.

More importantly, water shoes protect your feet in a way that those other common options simply can’t do. They slip right on so that you can quickly get back to the task at hand, whether you’re about to embark on an epic walk along the water but don’t want to step on those craggy stones, or want to spend a few quality hours collecting seashells with the kids. What better way to do that than in a pair of ultra-comfortable, super-stylish, water-friendly shoes?

Statement Necklace

You’re no slouch in the style department, and your beach outfits are proof of that! Whether you’re rocking the ultimate tankini or wearing your favorite skirted bathing suit, you can always trust in a statement necklace to add a little extra pizzazz to the mix.

Once upon a time, people thought it was a big no-no to wear jewelry to the beach. You don’t want to go too crazy — it’s best to stick to just the necklace and skip the armful of bangles, the multiple rings, and the bold earrings. A necklace is a little easier to be mindful of while you’re wearing it, and you can trust it to add a fun pop of color, intrigue, and style to your look. If you’re wearing a solid color, try a necklace in a vibrant metallic hue to catch the light and provide a little contrast to your look.

Beach Bag

Beach bags are vital to any well-considered beach outfit. You need a secure spot to stash your cover-up, sunscreen, phone, tablet, snacks, water, and anything else that you need to stay comfortable while soaking up some sunshine and splashing around in the water.

The right style is spacious, but not so heavy that it will weigh you down. Materials like canvas are especially smart because they’re built to last, and can typically hold quite a bit before they ever show signs of wear. You never know what your day might bring, and if you need to stash the kids’ items inside too, you can trust a reliable tote to accommodate those needs. Always look for a bag that’s built with practicality in mind — it should be stylish, sure, but those interior pockets and compartments will come in handy when you need to find your hotel room key or some spare change without hassle.

Wide Hat

Yes, sunscreen is key — don’t forget it! But any additional measures that you can take to safeguard your skin are so worth it, especially when they’re a little stylish, too! Make the most of your outdoor look by adding a wide-brimmed hat to the equation. It will protect your complexion from potent sunlight, prevent burns, and add a certain hint of old-world charm to the entire mix, too.

Styles range from rigid to floppy, so you have options. If you prefer that “sunning in the Riviera” look, look for a style that’s slightly shapely and contoured in a way that frames your face just right. That little hint of intrigue is just what you need to transform your beach getaway into something even more sophisticated and memorable. The right accessories can make all the difference!


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