5 Accessories You Need for Spring

5 Accessories You Need for Spring

Spring is a time for socializing, for reconnecting with nature, and for breaking out all the accessories we’ve been dying to make use of the whole year. Getting dressed really doesn’t feel complete until we top it all off with an amazing hat, a piece of jewelry, or a fun bag. Accessories truly make the outfit, so it’s no surprise that we have loads of new styles we want to try out, and some old classics we’ll never get tired of. Accessories let us show off our personality, and what better time to do that than the spring? When the weather warms up and we can finally spend more than 20 minutes outside without freezing, it’s a welcome relief. Part of that relief is the feeling like we can wear our favorite outfits and accessories outdoors, where people can see them, and we can truly let ourselves shine. Here are five accessories you’ll find yourself needing for spring, as you come out of your home, and out of your shell.

The Picnic Basket

It’s not just for Dorothy—the picnic basket is the most adorable, practical way to carry everything you need for the best meal al fresco that you can imagine! Coming in all sorts of shapes and sizes, from the classic rectangular, to the barrel-shaped basket, the picnic basket is making a huge comeback. Fit everything you need for the ultimate outdoor meal with a loved one or a group of friends, and arrive in style. While some picnic baskets for spring are more basic, with a simple cloth interior and woven wicker body, others are more advanced, with specialized storage for utensils, wine glasses, plates, and a picnic blanket! Some even come with all these supplies, giving you the complete picnic package all rolled into one. Bringing a picnic basket along on a weekend in the spring instantly steps up your game, making for a romantic daytime or evening date. It’s everything you could want for spring.


Spending time in the sun is high on our priority list for spring, so we’re going to be investing in a pair of high-quality sunglasses when the temperature warms up and the sun peeks out from behind the clouds. A pair of sunglasses is like armor for anyone who spends time outdoors, easily storable in your canvas tote bag, on top of your head, or in the collar of your women's linen shirt, ready to whip out whenever the sun’s glare becomes overwhelming. They are also a great way to instantly accessorize your look, adding a timelessly cool element to your get-up and making you feel practically invincible. For spring, we love keeping it classic with black or tortoise shell varieties, or switching it up with white or pastel frames for a fun retro look.

The Light Scarf

The perfect layer for spring, when you never quite know what the day will hold, temperature wise. It’s easy to be fooled by the sunny afternoons of springtime, but as we all know, once the sun disappears, the day can turn from warm to brisk remarkably quickly. A fashion scarf can be a life-saver, allowing us to keep a good time going into the night. Whether it’s a picnic in the park, an outdoor barbeque at a friend or neighbor’s, or an evening stroll, a light scarf is an essential accessory to keep with us at all times, either around our neck or shoulders when it’s a bit colder, or simply in our bags during the warmer part of the day. Hot tip: a light scarf can also turn into a makeshift picnic blanket when your day takes an unexpected turn, and you end up in the park. You and whoever can fit on it will be grateful you had the forethought to bring it.

The Fashion Scrunchie

An iconic blast from the past, the scrunchie is turning heads again. This accessory makes a statement when you wear it, turning a ponytail into more than a simple way to keep your hair out of your eyes. It’s a full-on look when you wear a scrunchie. Coming in so many fun colors and patterns, this spring, choose a pastel or polka-dot variety, bringing some of your favorite elements of spring fashion to your hairstyle. Many consider scrunchies more comfortable than regular hairbands, which is helpful when you’re wearing one all day. Have fun with your hairstyles this spring by opting for a retro look and whipping out the fashion scrunchie.

The Skinny Belt

In the spring, less is more, and that goes for the width of our belts, too. A skinny belt adds a delicate touch to any look, suiting shorts, women's pants or a skirt equally well. It’s also a wonderful way to accessorize a dress by wearing it at the waist and turning a loose-fitting frock into a more fitted silhouette.

This spring, embrace the season and your personality by upping your accessory game and trying out these fun styles. Check out the links below for more ways to accessorize from Lands’ End!


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