Accessories You Need for a Spring Wedding

Accessories You Need for a Spring Wedding

Receiving an invitation to a wedding is always exciting. But getting an invitation to a spring wedding evokes a special kind of excitement. Everything is thawing out from winter, things are coming alive again, and it’s like everything gets a fresh start. It’s also a good reason to get dressed up without having to cover up from head to toe in heavy winter apparel. But spring is an odd season because you may be contending with winter weather on some days and summer weather on others. But having these accessories on hand will ensure that you’re ready to celebrate in style and in fashion at your next spring wedding.

A Purse With Room for Just the Essentials

You may be tempted to ask your date to store your essentials in a pocket, but having at least a clutch on hand can be a blessing when you’re attending a wedding, no matter the season. Even if it isn’t you, someone will need an emergency sewing kit, tissues, and bandages for blisters. You’ll also need room for lipstick, touch-up powder if you use it, your cellphone, keys, ID, credit card, and cash for tips at the bar. Of course, if the wedding is at a hotel, you don’t have to worry so much about these things, since some of these items can be stored in your room. But you’ll still want your ID, money, and phone on hand, most likely. Consider a cute clutch with a wristband or a small crossbody bag in a pretty spring color so you can keep your essentials on hand, even while dancing.

Dancing Shoes

A lot of women tend to prioritize fashion over function. But doing so can be a bit uncomfortable if you’re in for a long night. Even if you don’t plan on staying long at the wedding, you may find that you end up having more fun than you expected. But try telling that to your feet when they’re stuck in strappy spring sandals or pumps. It’s always smart to take an extra pair of shoes along with you and leave them in the car until you need them. Nobody will judge you for changing into comfy sneakers later on. In fact, they’re probably doing it, too. If they’re not, they’ll be jealous that they didn’t have the foresight to plan ahead. Just don’t forget the socks.

Your Favorite Jewelry

Jewelry can transform an average women’s dress into a fabulous spring wedding outfit. You could, of course, stick with basic gold or silver jewelry, or you could embrace spring with pastel colors that pop. Don’t feel like you have to look too “professional” either. Weddings are supposed to be fun, so feel free to wear some of your favorite “costume” jewelry (otherwise known as “anything that’s too fun and cute to wear to work”).

A Fashion Scarf

An alternative to jewelry for making a spring wedding outfit look amazing is a scarf. We’re not talking about a winter scarf of course, but instead, a lightweight silk scarf with flowers or pastel colors that can make any outfit look like springtime. You can style fashion scarves in a variety of ways; just look on the internet if you need inspiration. But they’re also perfectly wonderful draped over your shoulders, especially if you opt for a sleeveless or spaghetti-strap dress.

A Fancy Hat

Keep in mind that there are different types of weddings. There is the kind where everything takes place at the same location. Then there is the kind where the ceremony is at a church while the reception is at an indoor venue. There is also the kind where ceremonies and receptions are both held outdoors. If any part of the wedding is outdoors, why not do like the British do and wear a fancy spring hat, otherwise called a “fastener.” It can’t be so big that it blocks the view of anyone sitting behind you or distracts from the bride, but a cute little fastener can really make a spring wedding outfit pop. Choose one in spring like colors, but avoid black (too funeral-like) and white (because you should never wear white to a wedding unless you’re the bride).

A Rain Jacket — Just in Case

You don’t want to be sitting outdoors, crossing your fingers that you won’t get rained on. Instead, you want to make sure you have what you need to keep yourself comfortable. Mother Nature doesn’t care whether your new dress gets wet, after all. That’s why you may want to make sure you have a women’s rain jacket ready to take along with you. But it can’t just be any rain jacket; it has to be dressy enough to do your outfit justice if you’re going to be covering it up while outside at the ceremony. That’s why a trench coat is so great. It instantly dresses you up without trying too hard. The belted middle really accentuates your figure, and the pockets are great for holding your essentials if you don’t want to carry a purse. And if it’s waterproof, it will protect your outfit so you can go straight to the reception without having to find a hairdryer just because of a little surprise rain shower.

With these accessories at your disposal, you’ll be ready to tackle any surprises while also looking fabulous and fashionable at your next spring wedding.


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