Top Accessories for Enhancing Your Outfits

The Power of Accessories: How to Transform Your Look with Just One Piece

If you want to get the most out of your wardrobe, it’s useful to get creative with your styling. By pairing your clothing with different accessories, you can get endless outfit options from just a few basic pieces. Accessorizing thoughtfully gives you more use and variety out of the clothes you already have, helping your old favorites feel brand new.

Dress your outfit down with casual accessories, or add a stylish, elevated element to your look for a night out–the power is yours. Explore these tips for transforming your look with a few simple accessories:

Statement Necklaces

Because of their prominent placement, necklaces are the perfect accessory to give a fun pop to your outfit. A bold statement necklace that expresses your style and personality can completely change the aesthetic of a basic, neutral look. Bold necklaces can pair with everything from jean shorts and a casual top to classy A-line dresses and blazers.

Plus, statement necklaces come in plenty of styles, from retro to chic. Pick out a flowing fringe necklace to add a bohemian vibe to your look, or add layered chains for a glamorous touch. To get the most use out of your jewelry, look for statement necklaces that go well with multiple different outfits in your wardrobe.


For head-to-toe style, don’t forget about the importance of the right shoes. Your shoes can make a dramatic impact on your outfit. Transform the same ensembles into unique looks by pairing them with boots, colorful heels, strappy sandals, or chunky sneakers. Simply changing your shoes can take your look from sporty and casual to feminine and elegant. When picking out a shoe for your outfit, try to balance style with comfort. You might wear your outfit with ankle boots. Match your shoes to your other accessories to create a cohesive color palette, whether you prefer monochrome aesthetic or complementary colors.


Tights, leggings, and stockings are both stylish and functional, adding color, texture, and coverage to your ensemble. By changing the color or pattern of your tights, you can give one of your favorite outfits a complete makeover. A regular pair of black leggings can add modesty, warmth, and contrast to a basic dress. Swap those leggings out for some sheer floral tights, and you’re ready for a night out. Neutral tights that match your skin tone can simply help your casual look become a bit more polished and refined.


Dress scarves are one of the most versatile accessories in your closet because you can style them in so many different ways. Wrap a scarf around your neck to upgrade your outfit from casual to chic and elevated, or turn it into the focal point of your look by draping it over your shoulders. For just a gentle hint of color and texture, try tying a scarf around the handle of your purse or wrapping it around the band of your hat. From wool to silk, you can find a scarf to fit any season or occasion.

Scarves don’t just enhance your outfits; you can use them to take your hairstyles to the next level. Try wearing one as a headband, wrapping it around your hair ties, or simply tying your hair back bandana-style.


Want to add a bit of structure to that flowy dress or oversized button-up? Simply grab a belt to cinch your waist or break up your silhouette at the hips. A belt with a thick band or dramatic buckle can add visual interest and shape to dresses, sweaters, or tunic tops for women. If you prefer something more subtle, pick out a thin belt with a touch of texture or color, like braiding, rhinestones, or unique hardware. Chain belts are an especially stylish and unique option for adding some sparkle to your outfit, with the added benefit of being extra adjustable to your waist or hips.


How does your go-to handbag represent your personal style? The right handbag enhances your look by complementing the colors, textures, and details of your outfit. From roomy pocketbooks to trendy clutches, handbags can dress your outfit up or down. Throw your essentials into a canvas tote bag for a casual day running errands, then swap it out for an embellished purse as you transition to the evening. Use a colorful bag to add contrast to a monochrome look, or go bold with mix-and-matched textures and patterns.


A pair of sunglasses can subtly complement your clothes or make a bold fashion statement. Sunglasses are a common staple in any summer wardrobe, so you may as well pick a stylish pair that makes you feel fashionable and confident. Sleek, cat-eye glasses, sporty aviators, or colorful fashion frames–which sunglasses style best suits your personality? By adding a pair of dark black sunglasses to your outfit, you incorporate an air of glamorous mystery into your look. For something fun, playful, and summery, look for sunglasses that have unique shapes or pastel-colored lenses.

Adding any one of these accessories to your wardrobe opens up a world of opportunity for your personal style. And why stop there? Try combining your accessories with different outfits to make each look feel exciting and new.


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