Accessories That Dress Up Any Outfit

Accessories Make Any Outfit a Celebration

Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, hats, headbands, scarves, shawls, purses — accessories have the amazing power to turn any outfit into a celebration-worthy style. Accessories turn simple outfits into a deliberate fashion statement. With the addition of a statement necklace when wearing one of your favorite turtlenecks, the shirt instantly goes from understated to a full outfit. Or, the right sparkly purse can turn a T-shirt and jeans into a dressed-up, fun outfit option. Accessories can even help make your wardrobe feel fresher; a basic white T-shirt won’t feel as basic with the addition of the right accessories.

Here are some ways to turn your outfits into celebration-ready statements with the addition of just a few simple accessories — many of which may even already be in your closet.

Purchase a Fashion Scarf

Fashion scarves are ideal for throwing over a simple dress or sweater. They add something different to an outfit and an element of layering, which makes any outfit look more intentional and put together. Plus, no matter your style preference, there's a fashion scarf for you. At Lands’ End, we have fashion scarves in prints ranging from leopard to stripes to simple solid colors, too.

They can be draped over any outfit and are not only fashionable, but they’re functional, too. They’ll keep you warm on chilly nights or in air-conditioned spaces.

Try Out Some Hats

At first thought, hats are associated with two things: sports games and cold days. But hats are so much more than baseball caps and beanies. You can pair wide-brimmed straw hats with summer dresses or flowy jumpsuits or get a sleek fedora or wide-brimmed wool hat to wear when the temperature drops. A black wool wide-brimmed hat would look sleek and party-ready when worn with a simple black dress and a pair of fun earrings.

There is something always elegant about a wide-brimmed hat, and it also has the benefit of blocking your face from the sun’s intense rays.

Get a Bold Purse

We all have the tried-and-true purse that we bring with us to work, errands, and our kid’s soccer practice, but that purse just sometimes doesn’t cut it for a more formal event. A bold purse is key to making any outfit appear dressier and can be paired with anything from chic skinny jeans to an evening dress.

Opt for a more formal purse in an instantly dressy color like gold, bronze, or silver, or get a purse that's complete with beaded or sequined detailing. A fancy purse can make any outfit ready for a fun celebration, whether that’s an occasion dinner with friends or a night at the theater with your partner. Wear your fancy purse with a pair of black booties or high heels, and you’ll truly be ready to celebrate.

Purchase a Statement Necklace

A statement necklace can dress up anything; simple T-shirts , v-neck sweaters, sweater dresses, or white button-down shirts. Statement necklaces come in all different styles; popular styles include beaded necklaces, collar necklaces, geometric designs, and layered styles. Like the name says, these necklaces genuinely make a statement — their large and have a bold design that is sure to turn heads. Statement necklaces come in all different colors, too, so you can find the right one for your outfit, whether it’s blue, black, red, or purple. Statement necklaces are available at department stores, jewelry stores, and boutiques. The styles are varied, so there is sure to be a style that is for you — whether you want something extra bold or just a little on the bold side.

Put On Fun Earrings

Earrings can add a dose of celebration to any outfit, especially if they’re sparkly, dangly, and pair well with your outfit. Dangling earrings with jeweled accents or exciting sparkly designs add a dose of style that’s ideal for any celebratory event. Bold earrings pair particularly well with solid-colored turtlenecks or mock neck sweaters by helping to add some excitement to those classic styles.

Everything from day-to-day accessories like purses to more one-of-a-kind items like statement necklaces can make even the simplest outfit feel celebration-worthy. Try out a few of the accessories you already own and see if they make enough of a celebratory impact on your outfit. If not, opt for a bolder option, whether that's a sequined purse or a pair of sparkly, dangling earrings. With just the right accessory and the right outfit, you'll be ready to celebrate in style.

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