A New Twist on NYE Parties and What to Wear

A New Twist on NYE Parties and What to Wear

New Year’s Eve has long been a holiday that serves as a time of celebration, a time of reflection, and a time of preparation. We welcome the new year, reflect on the past year, and find ways to make the next year even better. Some like to get dressed up in their fanciest clothes and spend a night out on the town. Others like to stay inside for a night with the family. And some are asleep before midnight. No matter how or if you celebrate New Year’s Eve, there are ways to do it without going out and dealing with large crowds of people. In fact, you might find that this is the best New Year’s Eve ever. Here’s how to put a new twist on New Year’s Eve and what to wear while doing so.

Watch the Ball Drop on TV

Watching the ball drop in Times Square in New York City is an oldie but a goodie. If this is a tradition for you, there’s no reason to break from the norm. You can mix it up this year, however, by watching it virtually with friends and family. Do an internet search for the details, and don’t forget your party favors. You still need noisemakers, confetti, and hats, after all. The good thing about staying home is you can sit around in your favorite women’s loungewear if dressing up isn’t your thing. You should at least use the occasion as an excuse to treat yourself to a new pair of leggings or a comfy tunic to ring in the new year, though.

Celebrate NYE Around the World

New Year’s Eve is a great time to take a peek at other cultures and celebrate the day with them. Do an internet search for “New Year’s Eve Around the World” and see what pops up. It should give you a brief insight into what people eat and how they celebrate the occasion, as well as what time their midnight is in your specific time zone. Jot it all down and make a list of which countries are celebrating throughout the day. This will allow you to ring in the new year all day long. For example, you can watch the fireworks over the River Themes in London at 6 p.m. Or wake up to the Aussies celebrating over Sydney Harbor. You can dress the part, too, with hats and other props that represent some of the countries. Don’t forget to take photos! Having a corner of the room where you can have a makeshift photo booth takes this idea to the next level.

Have a Virtual NYE Party

Getting dressed up and putting on makeup can be fun, especially if you haven’t had much reason to do it all year. Why not treat yourself to a new outfit? Make it something a bit “extra” with glitter and sparkles. Take a look at some special occasion dresses that will certainly put you in the mood to celebrate. That way you’re sure to stand out at your virtual holiday party. And the great thing about making it virtual is you don’t even have to wear shoes. Open up your laptop, stick it high up on a table, and keep it open for a virtual mingle where everyone shares what they’re eating, drinking, and doing to celebrate. Don’t feel like you’re under pressure to talk either. Having it open for the night means you can celebrate with your family and pop over to the laptop for a chat with other “guests” whenever you have the urge to share something. This is a clever way to mingle while still enjoying the company of loved ones this year.

Involve the Kids

Kids absolutely love any excuse to stay up late. Even if they fall asleep early, why not let them celebrate New Year’s Eve with you this year by having a party together? You can let them dress up with you or use the night as an excuse to buy them fancy pajamas. You can even all dress in matching family pajamas. Don’t forget the snacks and treats. Hopefully, if they stay up late, they’ll also sleep later in the morning too.

Support Your Favorite Restaurant

Just because you’re celebrating at home doesn’t mean you can’t still support your favorite restaurant. Order delivery or takeout so you can still enjoy a fancy meal you love at home. Make it extra special by decorating the table with candles, confetti, party favors, and NYE napkins as well. Don’t forget the champagne or sparkling grape juice! As for the dress code, feel free to make it match the theme of the meal. Have fun with it!

Embrace the Outdoors

If you are going to celebrate with people, one option would be to have a small gathering outdoors with your immediate family, weather permitting. With some heat lamps and cozy fleece blankets lying around for people to keep themselves warm with, it can put an interesting twist on your holiday party. Plus, you don’t have to worry about drinks getting cold. You can have the dress code be as relaxed as you'd like, making comfort a priority. There’s nothing wrong with wearing jeans on New Year’s Eve.

With a little creativity, putting a new twist on your New Year’s Eve party can be a huge success, maybe even becoming a new annual tradition.


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