A Men’s Guide to Style Different Jean Washes

A Men’s Guide to Style Different Jean Washes

The days when guys only had one choice for jean washes are long gone. Chances are, you’ll want at least a couple of men’s jeans choices in your closet for different occasions. Let’s look at some options. No worries. Lands’ End has you covered—we’ll keep you looking and feeling great in your jeans.

Light Wash

Light wash jeans have a more casual and laid-back vibe. They're perfect for hanging out, running errands, and those slow weekend days we all crave. Light wash jeans are the palest blue of traditional jeans. If you want comfy jeans to throw on with a hoodie or T-shirt, think light wash.

Light wash jeans are sometimes referred to as “stone-washed.” Although stone-washed jeans are typically lighter than other jeans, the term itself comes from using pumice stones to create the appearance of a more aged pair of jeans. “Acid wash” is another term that is sometimes associated with lighter wash jeans. These were all the rage in the 1980s and have become classics. Acid itself is not used to make acid-wash jeans. Rather, pumice stones soaked in bleach are used for stone washing to create the “blotchy” non-uniform color of the denim.

Medium Wash

Medium wash jeans are what most guys think of when they say “jeans.” They have those great blue jeans color and can be dressed up or down. Back in the day, this was about your only choice in jeans. Still a classic, they are great for everything from business casual to a date to running to the grocery store. Every guy needs a pair of medium-wash jeans in his closet. If you buy only one new pair of jeans this season, make it a great fitting pair of medium wash jeans. You will not be disappointed.

Dark Wash

Dark wash jeans are just the darker brothers of light and medium wash, but because of the darker denim, they look sleeker regardless of how they are cut. If you're looking for a pair of jeans to dress up for business casual or for a date, a pair of dark wash jeans are your best bet.

Dark wash jeans are the casual brothers of men’s dress pants. Although they look great with a T-shirt or men’s button-down shirt, they're a natural fit with a sport coat, for that “oh I just threw this on vibe."

Black Jeans

Black jeans are made from denim that is dyed black, giving it a basic and slightly dressier vibe. Not truly as dressy as dark wash jeans, they are still a great choice for a casual evening out or a business casual event. A great look with black jeans is to stay achromatic. Pair them with a black shirt for a sleek look or stick with grey or a basic white shirt and go for black shoes. Especially if black is flattering on you, consider adding a pair of black jeans to your wardrobe.

White Jeans

White jeans are a bit dressier than most blue jeans, and most guys reserve them for spring or summer only. They're a little like wearing a super casual summer suit—they just have a summery vibe about them and can look great in all white or handle bright colors of shirts well.

Colored Jeans

While not every guy will want to have a pair of colored jeans in their closet, don’t overlook these as a possibility. They can be a fun departure from the neutral pants that most of us live in and especially when paired with a white shirt and neutral shoes and belt can look handsome without being over the top. If you’re not sure about colored jeans, do a little research on the internet. You might be surprised by what you find. Even if you end up sticking with your tried-and-true jeans, it never hurts to check out what’s new in men’s fashion.

A Note About Belts

Unless you're going super casual (think a hoodie or men’s half-zip top with light wash jeans and sneakers), wearing a men’s belt typically looks better than going without one. If you don’t have at least a couple of belts that you're comfortable wearing, it’s time to do a little shopping. A belt that fits right should be just as comfy as going without one but will look more put together. Match your dress belt to your shoes for an easy and polished look. A dress belt can also look great with jeans. That said, unless you're going to an event with a strict dress code, you get to dress how you choose.

Whatever jeans you choose, make sure they’re comfy and make you feel great!


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