A Guide to Having a Honeymoon at Home

A Guide to Having a Honeymoon at Home

We’ll just be totally real: nobody expected 2020 to be the year that it’s been, and we all could have done without it. Everything has been put on hold from work to school to family gatherings and yes, sadly, even honeymoons. But just because you aren’t able to jet off to that tropical island for your honeymoon this year doesn’t mean you can’t bring the honeymoon to your home.

Instead of canceling your plans, why not postpone your official honeymoon trip and create a mini-honeymoon vacation you can do at home right now? In a way, it’s even better because you can have two honeymoons instead of just one! Below we have come up with a complete guide to creating a fabulous and unforgettable honeymoon at home. 

Give Yourself a Couple’s Spa Day

Just because you are stuck at home doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself of a luxurious spa day with your betrothed. Have fun with it and plan out everything you’d like to include for your at-home honeymoon spa day. To start, take turns giving each other massages complete with essentials oils, sweet almond oil, and organic, fragrant lotions.

Next, get all your favorite bathtub paraphernalia like Epsom salt, bubble baths, and bath bombs and set the mood with some ambient lighting, candles, low-key music, and champagne. The upside to having a soothing bath at home with your new spouse is that there will be no time limit when it comes to how long you enjoy your decadent soak in the tub. Prior to your at-home honeymoon, shop around for various spa products you can include. This is your honeymoon after all, and since you’ll likely want to make it extra special while you're stuck at home, don’t feel guilty about splurging. Go ahead and buy that expensive at-home facial product or that ridiculously soft, creamy body butter and get all the products you need to have a delightful spa day.

Treat Yourself to a Few Gourmet Meals

Since the stay at the 5-star resort is canceled, bring all those yummy meals to your home. Support local small businesses by ordering takeout and setting up the dining room on your outdoor patio to make yourself feel like you are in a 5-star restaurant. Naturally, when you are ordering takeout from your favorite Italian restaurant or that cute bistro you've always wanted to try, you can enjoy a delicious dinner with the love of your life and not stress out about doing all the cooking! 

Feel Absolutely Zero Guilt About Being as “Lazy” as You Want

It’s called la dolce far niente (the sweetness of doing nothing), and your at-home honeymoon should be full of that! Take a few days off work, sleep in without guilt, eat a scrumptious breakfast in bed, and just spend the whole day having quality time with your spouse. Go ahead and recreate the feeling of being in a lavish hotel, consider investing in some new sheets, cozy, fluffy blankets, and super comfy his and hers flannel robes and sleepwear. The best part about doing this is that you’ll be able to keep all of these things and add to your home, whereas you wouldn’t have been able to do that in a hotel.

Plan For The Second Honeymoon

Just because you can’t travel abroad right now doesn’t mean you won’t have the opportunity to do so in the future! Spend some time during your at-home honeymoon browsing gorgeous destinations of tropical paradises online and plan where you want to go with your honey. Check out different resort towns, ritzy hotels, and anything else that fits your fancy.

If you really enjoy the process of planning trips (especially ones as special as your honeymoon), make it even more fun by shopping around for cute new vacation clothing and travel gear that you’ll take with you: a new dress, a sleek canvas tote bag, or anything else that will brighten your mood and have you feeling more stylish and glamorous on your honeymoon.

Make Your Own Resort

If you were planning to enjoy your honeymoon at a beautiful, tropical resort and you have the resources at home, consider making your home your own resort. Have a pool or a hot tub in the backyard? Spend your evenings soaking in the hot tub and sipping champagne or your favorite cocktail and spend your days sun tanning by the pool. Even if you have neither a hot tub nor a pool at home, you can convert your backyard into a tropical paradise with a little creativity. Play some beachy music, add tropical decor, make an exotic dinner, grab a flowy cotton sundress and sip piña coladas to give yourself the feeling of being on a remote island. 

With these ideas in mind, we hope you’re feeling inspired enough to create a magical honeymoon experience right at home.


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