A Guide to Edging Out Your Wardrobe

A Guide to Edging Out Your Wardrobe

Do you feel like your current wardrobe could use a little sprucing up? Are you interested in adding a little more edge and pizzazz to the pieces you already have or supplementing them with new things you wouldn’t normally try? Everyone's personal style is different, but one thing holds true: whether you like flashy fashion statement outfits or more conservative, professional attire, you can always add a bit of edge to each look. In this post, we will take a look at a few things you can do to edge out your wardrobe.

Stay True to Your Personal Style

Don’t incorporate stereotypically edgier articles of clothing into your wardrobe if they don’t authentically reflect your personal style. There are plenty of ways to give your wardrobe an edge in a way that still stay true to your taste. Never add edgy pieces to your wardrobe just for the sake of adding edgy pieces. In fact, there are likely already accessories and articles of clothing in your wardrobe that can be utilized to give a slight, subtle edge to your daily outfits. Do an audit of your current wardrobe. There may be a snazzy belt tucked away somewhere that you forgot you had and can start adding to your skinny jeans, or a funky scarf that you can use to accentuate a simple, casual outfit. Use what you already have and shop only for items you know you love. After that, you can start experimenting with them in a way that gives your outfit an edge.

Invest in a Leather Jacket

A leather jacket is a timeless piece that both men and women should eventually add to their wardrobes. It is the quintessential edgy jacket that instantly revamps an outfit and gives it that little extra spice. Wearing a white t-shirt and jeans? Throw on a black leather jacket. Wearing a simple cotton dress and sneakers? Add a leather jacket over it. Heading out for a fancy dinner and donning a satin slip dress? Make this look both glamorous and edgy by sporting a leather jacket. Leather jackets are a great addition to a wardrobe not only because they add instant edge, but also because they are practical and the sort of investment that will last you for years.

Add a Couple Statement Dresses

Have you taken a look at your dress collection recently? If you feel like some dresses may need to be discarded or your collection may need to be updated with a few new pieces, use this opportunity to add a couple of fashion statement dresses. This could be anything from a snazzy, sparkly cocktail dress to an elegant tall maxi dress, so long as it is something that will make you feel like a million bucks the moment you put it on. Having a few statement dresses in your wardrobe that give you an immediate confidence boost is a surefire way to edge out your wardrobe and include pieces that will wow others on your next night out.

Buy a High-Quality Pair of Jeans

There comes a time in every woman’s life when she is ready to invest in higher priced but undoubtedly higher quality pieces. When it comes to jeans, you can add new life to your wardrobe and edge it out by having at least one high quality, go-to pair of jeans. Of course, something like black denim is typically edgier than a traditional blue jean, but there are plenty of blue jeans that can give your outfit an edgy look. Shop for distressed denim, ripped jeans, and jeans that come in different cuts and styles. When you finally find that pair of jeans you fall in love with and quickly become your favorite, it will become so much easier to put together high-quality outfits, edgy and otherwise.

Enhance and Add Edge With Accessories

Just as you should do an audit of your dress collection and everything else in your wardrobe, you should also review your collection of jewelry, bags, and other accessories and see how you can incorporate these things to create an edgier look. For example, when it comes to sunglasses, aviators instantly make an outfit look edgier than a regular pair of sunglasses would. With purses and other handbags, there are some that dazzle and act as bold fashion statements, so consider carrying a flashier clutch purse or another type of bag on your night out instead of something you would normally carry during the day.

Although we hope the above points have helped you begin your journey of edging out your wardrobe, remember you don’t have to limit yourself to our suggestions. This should be an exciting exploratory process! Shop around for new pieces you feel are edgy and could serve to enhance your wardrobe, and enjoy the experience of reinventing your collection.


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