A Guide to Buying Big & Tall Pants for Men

A Guide to Buying Big & Tall Pants for Men

Every person’s body is unique and has its own styling and sizing needs. This means that even people who fit within a certain size can still benefit from slight alterations to achieve the perfect fit. However, size categories such as big and tall, tall, plus size, regular, and petite all help individuals to get in the zone of their body type, enabling them to wear clothes right off the rack comfortably.

Shopping for pants, in particular, is a challenge for almost everyone. This is because each person varies in height, weight and has different inseam and rise requirements. If you’re a big and tall man, you know the struggle of finding the perfect fit just like everybody else. How can you find the right big and tall pants to suit your unique stature? This guide will show you how to buy the right pants to achieve a great fit and fashionable look.

Big and Tall Sizes: For the Perfect Fit

Men who wear “big and tall” clothing require a combination of both big and tall sizes. This means that your clothing should suit a height between 6' 3" – 6' 7" and a clothing size of XL and above. Typical measurements include a neck measurement of 17 inches and up, chest measurements around 46-48 inches and up, and a waist size that starts around 42-44 inches.

If you select just “big” clothing, you’ll get XL+ clothing that’s designed for men under 6’2”, so you will get shorter sleeves and pant lengths. Meanwhile, “tall” sizes can accommodate your height but ignore your broad chest and hips. Big and tall clothing exists so that men like you can find clothing that accommodates everything — from your long legs and torso, long arms to your wide chest and hips.

Big and tall clothing can feel like a custom fit when you pick the right clothing for your size and height, so it’s a wonderful investment to improve your style. So how do you know if you need big and tall clothing? If you say “yes” to any of these questions, then it’s a size category to explore.

Finding Big and Tall Jeans

The process of finding the right big and tall jeans looks just like anyone else’s search for the right pants. First, you should measure your waist, hips, and the length of your legs from the hip to the ankle. With these measurements, you can consult the size charts of the clothing companies that you wish to buy from. You can also shop for your jeans based on the same size pants that you have in your closet. You may find slight variations in the fit depending on the company, but this trial and error will help you find what size works for you with each particular brand.

Once you know what works for you, your quest for big and tall jeans should run smoothly. For example, the right big and tall jeans for you should have longer inseams and rises to give your body enough room to breathe. Longer pants will accommodate the full length of your legs and eliminate the “highwater” effect.

After you find the right size for you, then you can confidently shop for styles and washes that suit you. You may want to get a few pairs of dark jeans to complete your business casual outfits and weekend wear. Medium wash and light wash denim are more casual and great options for informal get-togethers, too. You can also explore different fits like athletic, slim, straight, and traditional to find what speaks to you. You can take this basic and match it with a variety of tops such as men’s big and tall tee shirts and big and tall fleece jackets.

Big and Tall Shorts

Once you crack a code with your jeans, it’s no big deal to find the right big and tall shorts. In fact, finding shorts is simpler because a slight variation in your shorts’ inseam doesn’t make a big difference compared to pants that are supposed to be down to your ankles. The only thing to look out for is to make sure the shorts are long enough to help you feel comfortable with your outfit. This is where big and tall shorts shine. They provide enough length so that you don’t feel like your shorts are too short or that your rise feels binding or pinching.

Shopping for big and tall pants for men isn’t difficult when you have a tape measure and a size chart to guide you. If you need assistance finding the right fit, check out our big and tall pants collection today.


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