Eight Ways to Treat Yourself on Mother's Day

Eight Ways to Treat Yourself on Mother's Day

Mother’s Day only comes once a year, and it’s the perfect time for moms to take a break and relax. Reward yourself for all the hard work you do the other 364 days a year with one of these ideas.

Treat Yourself to a Virtual Mani-Pedi Party With Your Mom Friends

Give yourself a boost and brighten up your nails for spring this Mother’s Day with an at-home manicure and pedicure. Order nail supplies or a pre-made manicure and pedicure kit along with some of your favorite nail polish colors and maybe even some elegant nail art. Make it even more fun by inviting your favorite mom friends to join you for a virtual manicure party on Mother’s Day. Share your favorite kid stories, or just take some “me” time with other moms.

Treat Yourself to New Spring and Summer Outfits

Moms typically spend a lot of time and energy on shopping—from kids’ clothing and groceries to household items and pet care, it can seem like there is always someone or something to shop for! Instead of shopping for everyone else, turn the tables this Mother’s Day and take some time to shop for your own Mother’s Day gifts! Browse new spring and summer styles. With all the looks available, from classic denim shorts and tees to trendy floral tops and sundresses, there is something for everyone. Grab a cup of tea, cocoa, or even a glass of wine, and settle in for an online shopping spree for new spring and summer styles you can feel great about.

Reward Yourself With New Bedding and a Morning of Sleeping In

Mothers may get up early all year to take care of the kids, pets, work, and household chores, but this Mother’s Day it’s time to reward yourself with a break! Purchase comfortable new bedding, like soft jersey bed sheets, memory foam pillows, and a cozy comforter, and get your bed made up for sweet dreams. Then enlist your significant other, a grandparent, a family friend, or another person you can trust to take care of the kids, and spend the morning sleeping in however long you’d like. Indulge in your favorite morning beverage in your cozy robe or comfy sweats and treat yourself to the relaxing morning you deserve.

Indulge with Your Favorite Dessert

There’s nothing like a sweet, indulgent dessert to make Mother’s Day perfect! Treat yourself to the delicious favorite dessert you’ve been craving, whether it’s chocolate-covered strawberries, a coconut cream pie, a classic ice cream sundae, or an elegant option like tiramisu or cherry cheesecake. Choose a favorite comfy spot to sit and enjoy relaxing as a reward for another year of dedicated work of caring for the family.

Binge-Watch Your Favorite Shows and Movies

Forget fighting over the remote—Mother’s Day means it’s mom’s turn to take over the TV! Cozy up your most comfortable TV-watching spot with pillows and a soft throw blanket, get into your favorite women’s loungewear, and get out the popcorn for a day of binging on your favorite shows or movies. Have you had your eye on a new flick? Many streaming services offer up same-day streaming for theatrical releases, so this Mother’s Day, reward yourself with that film you’ve been dying to see at home in comfort.

Shop for New Swimwear and Browse Vacation Spots Virtually

Get in the mood for summer by shopping for new swimsuits this Mother’s Day! Thanks to all the stylish looks that are flattering for all body types, there are lots of options that will make it fun to shop for a new bathing suit. Indulge in some virtual vacationing while you’re at it! Browse destinations that you’ve always wanted to go to or that inspire you. Learn about what makes these places so unique, and watch videos about them to have your own mini virtual vacation. This can be a fun option to do alone if you’re craving some quiet time. Otherwise, involve the whole family for some virtual fun!

Take That First Step Toward Your New Dream or Hobby

It’s no secret that moms are experts at putting other people first, so why not treat yourself to put your interests first this Mother’s Day? Look into a class or supplies to help you take that first step towards a new dream or hobby. Whether it’s an artistic venture like painting or photography, a new physical skill like jujitsu or waltzing, or something you’ve been dreaming about but haven’t taken the time to start working toward, now’s the time. Take some time for yourself this Mother’s Day, and who knows where it can lead when it comes to your dreams and abilities?

Treat Yourself to Sensational Scents

Beautiful scents can be remarkable mood boosters, so why not treat yourself with a scent that makes you smile this Mother’s Day? Maybe it’s shopping for sweet-scented candles that you love or a fragrant room spray or aromatherapy oil. Scented body lotions, skin treatments, and hair products are also great ways to infuse those favorite scents into your day. If you’re a perfume lover, try some new perfumes and select a new one to try. You can even do this from the comfort of your home in some cases, since some perfume suppliers are offering individual testers to make sure you love the scent before you keep it.

Reward Yourself on Mother’s Day

It’s the simple things that sometimes matter most! Whether you take a few minutes to relax with your favorite beverage and read a new novel, or you indulge in a sweet dessert, every mom deserves to treat herself this Mother’s Day! Make the most of the day by giving yourself the freedom to have some fun.


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