8 ways clothes improve moods

8 ways clothes can improve your mood.

You know those days where absolutely everything goes right? You get your coffee order with your name spelled correctly, traffic was a breeze, your favorite song pumps you up right before parking your car and then you head into work. Your boss calls it a half day and you get to go home early with the sun still shining. That's a day you could wear many times again.

Clothes often make the difference between a good day and a bad one. Sometimes you wake up with half the energy you expected…when you get dressed, you put on clothes that resemble the way you feel. It's a blah morning and it leads to a blah day.

Here are the 8 ways to wear clothes that make the day start positive and make our days a thousand times better.

Compliment city.

There are times when you try something new, a bit more dazzle. The mundane has gotten stale and you think: what better than to add a small change. A necklace or a fashion scarf, that blue blazer perhaps. People will ask you if you got your hair cut, but no, it's just added zest.

A tunic, leggings, new ankle boots, and a stunning necklace and boom you're getting compliments left and right. When the outfit astounds (not only them, but you) it's like having a good hair day, which seems to be coinciding as well. Good for you.

Feel like a professional.

Let's say you have an extra hour in the morning and you're not exactly sure what to do with that time (except maybe brew a perfect cup of coffee). Grab your iron and do a solid pressing of your button up shirt and dress pants. Get a lint roller to make the whole get-up spotless. Look at you!

Are you walking into the office with a new confidence? Yeah, and you probably feel like a million dollars too. It's a good habit to go the extra mile because the luxury of added time can have a huge impact on the rest of your day.

Feel good casual wear.

Not all feel good clothes have to be up to business standards. Even going to the grocery store and running errands can use a bit of extra mood enhancing clothing.

Try a quarter-zip sweater and your favorite women's jeans. You can always hop right back into your slippers and sweatpants when you get home, but for a couple hours you can dive into your good lookin' alter ego and collect the feel-good energy that a solid look can bring you.

Finding jeans that fit.

Have you ever won an award for something? Maybe you have to do a speech afterward and stand up on a stage to do it. Terrifying, but great. You know what's better than that though? No public speaking and finding those perfect jeans that fit.

This is what makes your mornings easier too. Getting started right away without having to question whether or not they'll look good because you already know that they will is a great step in the day. Cutting down on your decision making process in the morning can help you focus on the bigger things.

Random dress up.

That sleeveless jersey dress that you were saving for a special occasion may have been bought with a unique intention, but today is today and hey, why not?

When you find a dress or a shirt that might not feel like a Tuesday type of outfit, give it a go and see if that boosts your mood. You might surprise yourself. Perhaps it's winter and wearing a floral button up shirt seems odd. That's precisely why you do it! Give it a whirl.

Bright colors lead to a bright smile.

Those mornings where you wake up and go "Alarm clock, you don't control me. One, I don't want to leave my bed because it's heaven on earth. And two, this is where I belong. Thank you for understanding." We get that.

Wearing brighter clothes on those "grey days" can impress a brighter mood upon you. You may not be feeling sky blue but you'd be surprised that people will approach you based on the colors you're wearing. Try it out with a bright colored sweater or tunic!

Record setting comfort.

This could be you sitting back in your favorite flannel pajamas on a day off. It could be that date night spent with the one you love, your cashmere sweater. Oh and of course, your SO.

The important thing is to be as snug as possible and to indulge. Such a feat may mean taking a shower beforehand and hopping right into a big sweater and leggings. Or walking into a robe and staying warm in it all day long. Schedule cozy time.

Freshen up that look.

Have you ever put on a shirt right out of the dryer on a cool Fall day and realized, "oh, well this is life itself. I should do this forever, every day." Of course you have. You're a living, breathing, person and well, if you haven't done this we highly recommend it. A warm shirt fresh out of the dryer can have a huge impact on your day. So much so that you might make it a habit.

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