8 Sweater Styles Every Man Should Own

8 Sweater Styles Every Man Should Own

Sweaters are a wardrobe staple every man should have in his closet. There are so many different types of sweaters that you might not know where to start. Read our handy guide to find out the eight essential sweater styles every man should own.

The Classic Crewneck Sweater

When you imagine a sweater, you probably picture the quintessential crewneck sweater. There's a good reason for that. The classic crewneck sweater never goes out of style. Wear the crewneck when you're going for a preppy look. If you want a more casual vibe, then wear one that hangs just a bit looser around the neck. Just look at our men's fine gauge Supima® cotton crewneck sweater. The fine gauge gives a dressier appearance, while the full fashioning ensures a "made for you" fit. This sweater, and any of our Supima® sweaters, are made from the top 3% of all cotton grown in the country. You'll be comfortable as ever in this classic sweater.

The Handsome V-Neck Sweater

Few sweaters are as versatile as the handsome men's v-neck sweater. Lightweight v-neck sweaters work well under a suit for formal occasions or over a dress shirt and tie for those dressier moments. A thicker v-neck sweater is ideal for pairing with winter boots and jeans. Check out our men's cotton modal v-neck sweater. It's available in cool-weather color favorites like true navy and pewter heather. The v-neck sweater is perfect for when you're layering with a light jacket and parka on top.

The Textured Rib-Knit Sweater

The modern-day textured rib-knit sweater is an upgrade from the one your grandma used to stitch for you. Our men's Bedford rib Heather quarter-zip sweater has both a traditional and tailored fit depending on your style and preference. The jaspé yarns and heathers create depth and interest while the French rib construction is smooth on the inside, ribbed on the outside. Get this rib-knit sweater in a statement color like burnt caramel heather.

The Cozy Cable-Knit Sweater

There's something so cozy about the look and feel of the cable-knit sweater. What looks cozier than our men's lighthouse cable waffle crewneck sweater? It's designed with the classic heritage-inspired cable-knit look you've come to know and love, along with the rib-knit cuffs, neck, and hem. You'll love the warmth and thickness of this cable-knit sweater without the bulkiness.

The Warm Wool-Blend Sweater

Wool doesn't have to be itchy, and it shouldn't be itchy, frankly. High-quality wool won't be itchy because it's not synthetic or cheaply made. The trick is all in the fibers, so either get a wool sweater with longer and softer fibers or simply get a wool-blend sweater. A men's lighthouse hunter's star crewneck sweater is just what you need for your next wool blend. It's wool mixed with cotton, polyester, nylon, and acrylic, so you'll have all the right amounts of softness and stretch for this sweater. Use it for your next weekend in the mountains or a night with friends.

The Ski Chalet-Inspired Fairisle Pattern Sweater

You don't actually have to hit the slopes to appreciate that classic Fairisle pattern on your fall or winter sweater. Every man needs a sweater with a Fairisle pattern on it for his cool-weather wardrobe. There's no better sweater than our men's lighthouse placed Fairisle crewneck sweater in deep-sea navy. For classic styling with a modern fit, you'll love the wool-blend fabric, classic Fairisle pattern, and modern design to make it loose enough to fit over a men's button-down oxford but not baggy.

The Comfy Cashmere

Men's cashmere sweaters have a reputation for being an unaffordable variety of sweaters, but Lands' End has plenty of options that are fairly priced for luxurious cashmere. Cashmere is an everyday luxury, and it's an investment you'll love wearing whenever the weather dips below a certain temperature. Find out why our men's fine gauge cashmere quarter-zip stripe is all the rage. Our cashmere comes from the underbelly of the finest cashmere goats in inner Mongolia. For that soft, warm, year-round weight, you'll want any of our cashmere sweaters.

The Chunky Cardigan Sweater

Besides being ridiculously comfortable, the chunky men's cardigan sweater is ultra-stylish. It's laidback and cool without trying to look good. It just looks good. Wear your chunky cardigan sweater with a long-sleeved or short-sleeved v-neck. You can wear the cardigan with a Henley, a collarless pullover shirt. Henleys are essentially men's polo shirts without the collar. Combine that with dark wash jeans, and you'll be the most handsome man in the room.

With these eight classic sweaters in your wardrobe, you'll be prepared for wherever life takes you for the fall and winter seasons. Now you know what to wear without feeling overwhelmed by all the options. Go out there and get on with your dapper self.

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