8 Different Types of Bags to Get You Through the Summer

8 Different Types of Bags to Get You Through the Summer

When summer hits, it’s as busy as ever, from summer sports and special events to family get-togethers and summer getaways. How does today’s busy woman keep it all together to make summer stress free and enjoyable? It’s easy when you have the perfect bags on hand that will keep you organized and ready for anything. Discover the top eight different types of bags you need to get you through summer with ease.

1. The Canvas Tote

Durable and stylish, a canvas tote bag is a perfect summer companion. Its versatile size and number of patterns and styles mean it’s ideal for everyone. Use it for shopping, impromptu trips to the park, a carry on for the beach or pool, as an extra bag to store an emergency change of clothes or snacks for the kids, or as a bag to keep in the car with items like water, sunscreen, lip balm, and sunglasses for summer needs. A canvas tote is also very durable, so it can hold up to all of summer’s demands.

2. The Stylish Weekender

Summer is made for weekend getaways, so everyone needs a great weekender bag! From canvas to leather, there are tons of great styles. They are the perfect size for stowing a few days’ items, for overnight travel, or even to toss in the car in case of an unexpected sleepover. Advantages to weekender bags include their zip-top that keeps all items stowed, extra exterior zip pockets to keep important items at hand, and multiple straps to carry it on the shoulder, across the body, or in hand as needed.

3. Travel Duffle Bags

With more space than a weekender, a travel duffle bag is another must-have for the summer months. The size can easily accommodate multiple items and travel kits, including everything from swimwear and towels to sports clothes and toiletries. Adjustable straps and easy-access openings make these bags convenient to use. They also come in multiple sizes, so you can choose small, medium, or large duffle bags based on your needs, travel time, and more. Styles range from simple and neutral to bold and bright, so you can choose a travel bag to match your style preferences and personality, too.

4. Zipper Pouches for Your Purse

Zipper pouches of every shape and size are the perfect partner for summer fun, style, and organization! These little bags are perfect for switching between bags, so they can go from your purse to a beach bag to a weekender and back again. They are excellent for keeping summer essentials organized and easy to grab. Items you may want to organize and stow in your zipper bags include spare toiletries, lip balm, sunscreen, emergency rain ponchos, spare change and keys, hairbrush, hair ties or barrettes, sunglasses, gum or breath mints, coupons, bandannas, or visors, headbands, moisturizer, mini first-aid kits, hand sanitizers, and much more.

5. Fanny Packs

Fanny packs are not only back in style, allowing you to wear an on-trend summer bag, they are also great at keeping your hands free and prepared for many of summer’s situations. Fanny packs are excellent for visiting summer water parks or amusement parks, hiking, going to the park, wearing to sporting events or kids’ baseball or softball games, shopping, sightseeing, or visiting museums, community centers, summer art festivals, concerts, and more.

6. Backpacks

Do you or your family enjoy hiking, camping, or walking along nature trails? If so, a backpack makes a great summer bag you need to grab while you have the chance. Backpacks also make great summer bag choices for moms or dads of young kids who need to keep their hands free, as they are ideal options for visiting parks or playgrounds, traveling, sightseeing, or taking day trips to a variety of locations. Adjustable straps distribute the weight comfortably on the shoulders and there are options for interior and exterior pockets, so you can stay organized and carefree for breezy summer fun no matter where you go. You may even want to get personalized backpacks for the whole family.

7. Cooler Bags

Summer calls for cold, refreshing drinks and thirst-quenching snacks. Keep all kinds of foods and drinks cold and fresh in a great cooler bag or an insulated lunch box. These flexible bags are easy to stow and carry with their non-rigid shapes, and there are plenty of cute, stylish, and family-friendly options to choose from. From picnic lunches to snacks for the park or beach, a cooler bag is an essential summer find you won’t want to pass up.

8. Water-Resistant Laptop Bags

Your laptop is a major part of your life. Whether it’s catching up on work, booking a flight, or planning a summer getaway, you can make the most of your summer by protecting your laptop with an attractive water-resistant tech bag. Look for lightweight styles with a summer vibe in a neutral, light, or bright color that will make every summer moment that much more fun.

Your everyday purse might get you through the winter, but summer is a whirlwind of vibrant activity and events that call for great bags to keep you organized. From the essential beach bag to versatile totes, zipper organizer pouches to practical and stylish travel duffles, an arsenal of great bags will keep your summer streamlined and leave you time for fun in the sun.


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