8 Clothing Gifts the Kids Will Love

8 Clothing Gifts the Kids Will Love

It’s not too late to get the kids something they’ll love to wear when it’s cold outside. From little mittens to cozy socks, here are the eight clothing gifts the kids will love this holiday season.

Let It Snow With Snow Boots

You love seeing your kids run around in the snow as much as they love playing in it. Get them kid’s winter boots in bold patterns like aloe or rosy pink. You’ll want boots that are water-resistant, so they don’t get their socks or feet wet. Rip and grip closures are the easiest to take on and off. For extra warmth, look for boots with warm linings inside, such as those made of fleece. Make sure the soles have traction treads on them to prevent your little one from accidentally slipping on black ice.

Layer Up With Thermals

Thermals or long underwear will keep the kids warm whether they’re playing in the backyard or headed down the ski slopes. Camouflage is a fun pattern to wear for both boys and girls. You’ll want to get them thermals that have just the right amount of stretch along with an elastic waist to make sure they don’t feel too tight around the waist. If they’re especially active, you’ll want thermals that wick away moisture. Your kids will be ready to go from building snowmen in the front yard to hopping on their snowboards.

Timeless Flannel

Although flannel is a wintertime staple, they’ll love wearing their flannel all year long. The long-sleeve flannel shirt is the quintessential cold-weather shirt. A plaid shirt can come in that classic red plaid pattern that everyone loves, or you can opt for one in pretty pastels or with fun designs like reindeer and pine trees. While flannels are often synonymous with plaid, not all flannels are strictly plaid patterns. If they want a flannel shirt with a twist, opt for a long-sleeved hooded flannel shirt. For extra cozy hoods, get the ones with a warm fleece lining. If they love our flannel hoodies, be sure to check out all of our kids’ hoodies.

Colorful Scarves to Warm Up Dreary Winter Days

Even with the warmest coats, it may be helpful for them to have a kids’ scarf around their neck for extra warmth and protection against the elements. Give them colorful scarves to add a little bit of bright cheer to those dreary winter days. If you’re looking for a gift that likes winter activities like skiing and snowboarding, get them a gaiter. Gaiter scarves will keep their little necks, faces, and ears warm while remaining lightweight and breathable. Gaiters stay put no matter how hard they shred down the slopes. Or, for a classic look, get a knit scarf for warmth without the bulk. They’ll be able to smoosh it away inside their jacket pocket when they no longer need it.

Stay Warm in Hats

If they’re wearing coats that don’t have hoods, or if their hoods tend to fall off their heads, get them a snuggly they can stay warm in. If they need a practical hat to protect them against the elements on those bitterly cold nights, get them a balaclava face mask. These are perfect for late-night winter adventures or if they’re heading all the way up a windy mountain landscape. If they prefer a hat with a little more style and texture, try a fisherman knit hat. Anything with pompoms is also fun little design kids love to wear and play with.

Put On Those Cozy Mittens

While kids’ gloves can be a bit more practical than mittens in terms of having more dexterity, mittens have that timeless winter look to them. Get your kids mittens that have a waterproof and windproof outer shell so they’ll be comfortable even when Mother Nature is at her worst. If your little ones have smartphones, get them mittens with features like an EZ-Touch™ thumb for touchscreen usage. Lands’ End also offers a Lost Mitten Club for any kiddo that loses one of their mittens. If they lose one of their mittens, Lands’ End will send you a replacement for half of the pair price and will ship it for free!

Snuggly Socks

We’re not sure where the idea that getting socks for Christmas is a lame gift came from. Socks are warm. They’re a gift you’ll actually use time and time again. You always lose that one mysterious sock and need to get more pairs anyway. We have a bunch of colors and patterns the kids will love. Cozy slipper socks are perfect for when they’re inside all day or walking around in their kids’ slippers and need that snuggly warmth. If you want to get them socks for their winter boots, go for knee-high boot socks.

Fond of Family Pajamas

Want a gift you can wear with the kids? Get pajamas for the whole family. Your kids will appreciate the tradition of wearing matching Christmas pajamas. There are plenty of options to choose from, including flannel sleep sets and flannel nightgowns. For an extra special design, Lands’ End has Draper James x Lands’ End flannel pajamas for the whole family, designed as a unique collaboration with Reese Witherspoon’s Draper James brand.

These clothing gifts can become family traditions your kids will know to expect and love every year. We wish you and yours happy holidays!

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