7 Winter Wedding Gift Ideas

7 Winter Wedding Gift Ideas

Ah, winter weddings! They can be even more beautiful than spring weddings with all the candles and rich fabrics that can be part of the wedding décor and apparel. If you have a winter wedding to attend, you will want your gift to be just as special as the happy couple. Let’s look at some ideas.

Housewarming Gifts

If the wedding couple will be buying their first home soon or moving into a new home together, why not combine a housewarming gift with a wedding gift? There are so many possibilities with this one. Everything from photo frames to personalized door knockers to any china or casual dishes they may have registered for can play double duty. They will be warmly reminded of your generosity as they use these items year after year.

This is also one of those areas where a small group of friends or family can go together for one big gift. Maybe instead of perfect place settings, they would love a new TV or some furniture. Make sure that you know the wedding couple well enough to discern if this would be a welcome idea, but you might just become one of their favorite gift-givers. If one or both of them loves to cook, see if you can find out something for their kitchen that they would truly love to have that would typically be too expensive for one gift giver. Perhaps that new cookware or the set of gourmet knives they have dreamed about for a while would be just the ticket.

Holiday Décor

This is ideal if the wedding is before Christmas, but depending on the gift you choose, it can also work after Christmas. For an early December wedding, consider Personalized Christmas stockings. These will become cherished holiday gifts to be enjoyed for years. Snowflake patterns can be especially pretty in holiday dishes, towels, and tablecloths and will “last” longer than Christmas décor.

Bed and Bath

This is another category with plenty of options. It is handy if you know the décor of their home, but not necessary. Think cozy flannel bed sheets, fleece blankets, or duvet covers since they are getting married in the winter months. Almost anything luxurious and cozy for the bathroom would make a great gift. Rich, thick towels, plush rugs that they can sink bare feet into, or matching bathrobes are bound to be appreciated.

Anything in White, Silver, or Gold

Isn’t winter a great season for finding festive colors? White, silver, or gold can make anything look extra special, whether it’s a serving platter for the wedding couple’s kitchen, candlesticks, or a snow-white tablecloth. One of the reasons that restaurants typically use white dishes is that it creates a lovely “canvas” on which to display the food. White, silver, and gold décor items do the same thing by drawing the eye to the items that they hold, whether it is food, a drink, candles, or jewelry.

Where Are They Registered?

If they are registered for gifts, consider not just the specific gifts for which they registered, but also where they registered. It’s amazing the variety of retailers that offer gift registries these days. Couples can register not just for china or crystal, but for sporting goods, furniture, and gift funds to help pay for their honeymoon. Where they registered will give you a good idea of what types of gifts they would be likely to appreciate, whether they come directly from the gift registry or not.

Be sure to take the bride and groom’s lifestyle into account when planning their gift. Are they known for being super casual and didn’t register for china or silver? If so, stick with something that they are more likely to use, like stoneware.

Athletic or Outdoorsy Gifts

If the wedding couple is athletic or loves the great outdoors, think about what they would love to have in this category. It may be winter now, but would they think a new tent or double sleeping bags for camping be perfect in a few months? If they enjoy specific sports or outdoor activities, there are probably convenient gifts available at almost every price point. Sure, they might be less traditional, but chances are they will receive plenty of traditional gifts. Why not round that out a bit with something they will enjoy using on their lives’ adventures?

Travel Gifts

If the wedding couple love to travel, perhaps gifts like luggage, travel accessories, or even travel clothing or footwear can make a great gift. Do they have an upcoming honeymoon that could benefit from a gift? Perhaps they have dream travel destinations that they hope to enjoy together. Perhaps you can help them do that.

Whatever gift you choose for the winter wedding couple, try to make it something that they will enjoy both now and for years to come. If you do this they are sure to love it!

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