7 Ways to Wear Your Favorite Cardigan

7 Ways to Wear Your Favorite Cardigan

We all have that special cardigan that is so comfy and cozy that we want to wear it all the time. The great thing about cardigans is that there are so many ways to style them, so you’ll be able to pull off your favorite cardigan every single day of the week.

Follow along for our seven favorite ways to style cardigan sweaters. Cardigans are so flexible that no matter which style you’re rocking, from a form-fitting classic crewneck to an elegant cashmere duster, you’ll find a few style tricks worth trying.

1. Unbuttoned Over a Collared Shirt

We’re confident you’ve tried this one before—it’s a classic for a reason! The fun part of this outfit is you can mix and match your shirts and bottoms to create endless options. If you’re heading to the office, throw your cardigan over a women’s oxford shirt and high-waisted trousers for a look that’s sure to impress from the water cooler to the board room.

For a more casual version, swap the oxford shirt for a flannel one. This outfit works well with so many types of cardigans, from the classic button-up to the embellished (think sequins, embroidery, or pearls) or the shawl-collar style. You can even layer up with your favorite slouchy cardigan or belted duster.

2. Buttoned Over a Blouse or Camisole

This style lends itself well to experimentation. Simply change up how you button your cardigan buttons (if you have them). For a prim and proper look, button only the top button over a form-fitting camisole. For a professional one, choose a blouse with an interesting décolletage, like ruffles or cutouts, and button only the middle button. For a preppy style, button all the buttons and tuck into a skirt or trousers. Finish this look with dangly earrings and a bracelet or two to balance everything out.

3. Tied Around Your Shoulders or Waist

This preppy style is for anyone looking to add a country club twist to their outfit or prepare for the possibility of cooler weather on the way. You can tie your favorite cardigan around your waist or shoulders with just about any outfit, from jeans and a t-shirt for a trip to the movies to a women’s polo shirt and white skort for nine rounds at the golf course. You can even drape it over a cotton dress for those cool summer nights or another comfy sweater for the ultimate cozy evening in front of the fireplace.

4. Paired With a Fashion Scarf or Kerchief

Add a fashionable flair and draw all the attention to your face when you pair your favorite cardigan with a scarf, bandana, or kerchief. Tie a knotted silk scarf around your neck to pay homage to French film stars of the past or a red bandana in your hair to nod to Nashville’s country musicians. Choose a fashion scarf with a fun pattern and experiment with how you tie it to get the look that pairs just right with your cardigan.

5. Belted Over Skinny Jeans or Leggings

This styling is the perfect way to bring your favorite cardigan into your work-from-home or weekend errands rotation. Skinny jeans or leggings add a dash of comfiness while the belt cinches the look together. You’ll need a longer cardigan or even a cardigan duster to pull off this look. Try a metallic or animal print skinny belt that will pop against your favorite cardigan. With the right jeans or leggings, this look can even help you transition into your evening plans like cocktails with friends or dinner with a date. Swap your comfy leggings for faux leather, and you’re ready for whatever the night brings.

6. Slouched Over a Midi Skirt or Dress

This style works best with an oversized, chunky, or long cardigan sweater to create that air of cool-girl chic. Because the cardigan is the star of this outfit, you’ll want to avoid grabbing a skirt or dress that adds too much volume and stick with a slip dress or pleated midi skirt to balance everything out. Pair with sneakers or combat boots, and you’ve got yourself an outfit that will be the envy of all those downtown girls hitting the sample sales. If you want to make this outfit more figure-flattering, throw on a chunky belt to tie it all together and draw the attention back to your waistline.

If your cardigan is extra slouchy, try pulling it down past one shoulder and unbuttoning the top button to add a casual twist. Slide on your oversized sunglasses, and you’ve got a perfect window-shopping or coffee-date look.

7. Cropped Over a Mini Dress or Pencil Skirt

If your favorite cardigan hits at or above your waist, try layering it over a striped mini dress or denim pencil skirt. This outfit will emphasize your waist and create that coveted hourglass effect. This look is perfect for dinner out with friends or an afternoon stroll at the park.

The next time you’re itching to throw on your favorite cardigan sweater, just try out one of these styles to shake up your everyday wardrobe.


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