7 Cottagecore Looks for Autumn

7 Cottagecore Looks for Autumn

If you've been listening to Taylor Swift's Folklore album on repeat, the cottagecore look might be for you. If you're not familiar with this style, it's a fashion aesthetic also known as farmcore and countrycore, inspired by a romanticized interpretation of western agricultural life. You may have never thought about living on a farm, but we could all use more greenery in our life. Haven't you thought about embodying the spirit of less stress and more simple living?

You don't have to live in a cottage to be one with nature in order to get that dreamy cottage look. If the idea of having a DIY life at home and being surrounded by the local wonders of nature's beauty excites you, then consider adding some cottagecore staples to your wardrobe. You can easily dress like it's fall year-round by honing into these easy and stylist cottagecore styles. Read on to find out seven different looks you can snag up to look your coziest.

Floral Patterns

If you're shy when it comes to wearing patterns, don't be. Floral patterns are a great segue into that classic cottagecore look. Slip into a floral nightgown dress, so you can have comfort and style while at home or going to bed. For fall, you'll want to wear seasonal florals for autumn, like sunflowers. Think of florals that are the color of Thanksgiving--plenty of reds, oranges, yellows, and dark greens.

Fall in Love with Fleece

Nothing says autumn quite like fleece. This material works well for both fall and winter. Whether you're staying at home in your fleece cardigan or putting on fleece over a trendy blouse to go out, fleece is ideal for your cottagecore lifestyle. If you don't want to look like you're wearing a sheep, then look for fleece options with a more tailored fit. This adds some style to flatter your body type without looking too bulky on you, especially if you layer it with other pieces like a v-neck-sweater or jeans. Consider having a few fleece jackets in your closet to keep your ultra-versatile fleece style fresh.

Foresty Flannel

Wouldn't you love to be wrapped up in a warm, pure cotton flannel? A flannel with a tailored feminine touch is the perfect foresty cottagecore look. Try on long-sleeved flannel shirts that look great on any body type. Not only do flannel shirts have a classic cottagecore look, but they also keep you warm and on-trend throughout the entire season.

You can wear flannel pajamas from fall and all through winter. Avoid those harsh blizzards and stay in with a fun patterned flannel pajama set. Whether you enjoy whimsical prints with pine trees and snowflakes or classic Bingham, you're sure to find comfy flannels that fit your personality and comfort.

Stay Warm with Lightweight Down Jackets

Instead of wearing a heavy down jacket to weigh you down, opt for a lightweight down jacket instead. This stylish fall essential gives you a cool and classy look that goes with all of your other pieces. Wear one with a sleek zip-up style to dress up your date night look. You'll look sleek and stay warm without having to wear a heavy winter coat. If you are traveling or are always on the go, consider a jacket that is easy to fold in your to-go bag. All the more reason to go with a light-down jacket. There are plenty of options in classic dark fall colors.

Wool You or Won't You?

From outdoor coats to dinner jackets, wool is a timeless texture that remains a fall staple style. Try a cozy lofty wool sweater in red that will make you stand out from the crowd. Varying knits give these kinds of sweaters a distinctive, polished look. It's a simple statement piece that looks great when you want to dress it up for a special day and is comfortable enough to wear when you want to stay under the covers all afternoon.

Not Your Grandmother's Quilted Style

Quilts aren't just for picnics and grandmas. Imagine snuggling up on your couch with a throw pillow while wearing a quilted pattern dress. A quilted style is ideal for autumn since it pairs well with all other kinds of fall pieces and textures. You can mix and match a quilted top or purse with fleece, denim, and even corduroy. That quilted cottagecore look keeps you comfy and stylish for fall.

Fall Weather Jackets

Just because you're channeling cottagecore doesn't mean you can't dress up. You can pumpkin spice it up this autumn season with a fall weather jacket. This could be a casual denim jacket or a puffer with a fun print. There are so many options to flatter you and enhance your fall style.

Whether you want to show your style outside in your lightweight down jacket or stay cozy at home in your wool sweater, there are so many timeless cottagecore classics to choose from. You can count on feeling warm and fuzzy all through the fall season in these trendy yet comfortable fall fashion staples.


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