7 Cute Swimwear Items You Need for Your Next Beach Vacation

Gearing up for your next beach vacation? Fewer trips are more refreshing than a leisurely, tropical getaway in the sun with clear blue skies, turquoise seas, and golden or white sands. The only way you could possibly make your vacation any better is by coming prepared with all the latest swimsuit styles and cute beach accessories. If you are packing for your trip and want to double-check that you have everything you need for an unforgettable time, take a look at these seven items you should bring with you.

A Classic One-Piece

Who can resist packing more than one bathing suit on a beach vacation? If you plan to spend every day on the beach or by the hotel pool, then you’ll want to show off a new bathing suit each day! If there is one style you absolutely must add to your swimsuit collection, it’s the classic one-piece swimsuit in a solid color like black, white, red, green, or blue. Any one of those popular colors will give your entire beach look an instantaneously vintage glamor vibe.

A Swim Dress

A swim dress makes an excellent modest swimwear choice because it offers a good amount of coverage and still presents a flattering cut and style. If you want a more modest swim outfit that will not only make you feel comfortable but also look elegant on the beach, a swim dress may just be the way to go. And like any other bathing suit style, there are so many colors, lengths, features, and designs to choose from when picking out the swim dress that’s right for you.

A Beach Cover-Up Dress or Caftan

A swim dress is something you can actually get into the water and swim in, whereas a swim cover-up or caftan is something you wear over your bathing suit when on dry land. It’s a great item to have when you are on the beach during the day and want some protection from the sun — while looking extremely chic, of course — and it is stylish enough to wear in the evening when dining out at a seafood restaurant near the beach.

A Bikini or Tankini

Cute swimsuits on your beach vacation are sort of like potato chips: you can’t have just one! If you're going on a beach vacation, be it a quick weekend or a couple of leisurely weeks, you’ll want to bring a few swimsuits. In addition to a stunning vintage-inspired one-piece, add a bikini or tankini to your collection. The bikini and tankini style, cut, and color options are endless, from sportier full-coverage styles to triangle bikinis to high-neck tankinis. With so many style choices, it won’t be difficult to find a style (or several) that will work for you.

Personalized Beach Towels

Having personalized beach towels is great, especially if you are traveling with the whole family. With personalized beach towels, the kids can pick out what color and monogram style they want on their towel. Even if you are just traveling solo or with a significant other, having a personalized beach towel will make it easier to keep it from getting lost or stolen.

A Durable Yet Chic Beach Bag

Leave your purse at home and opt for a sturdy bag that you’re not afraid of getting a little sand in. A large canvas tote is great for packing supplies like a beach towel, water bottle, sunscreen, and snacks. However, if you need a bag to hold all your beach supplies and then some, shop around for something with smaller compartments and pockets that you can keep your personal belongings safely tucked in.

All the Beach Accessories

While there are many different things you can wear to the beach, there are also things you will want to carry to the beach. Having a durable, quality, stylish beach blanket or a couple of comfy, colorful beach chairs that you can set up in the sand is a must for anyone planning to spend time at the beach. Along with good chairs and a beach blanket, shop around for a nice, big beach umbrella that will protect you from the sun. With just a couple of these beachy items, not only will you set up a cute, chic spot on the beach, but you will also be ultra-comfortable and protected from the elements.

These are just a few examples of swimsuit styles and beach accessories you can take on your upcoming vacation. Shop around and find the items you need to make your vacation even more special.


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